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How easy is it for cats to get injuries... like spinal injuries and brain damage or concusions(sp?) and so forth... i was just wondering... my precious baby is so funny, but sometimes she rolls of the couch while we are playing and forgets to land on her feet and she lands directly on her spine... she always gets up and walks away, but it worries me... also, when we are playing she has a habit of running straight into things, the other day she ran into an end table(head first) so hard she moved it backward and knocked most things off of it.... twice, in one day... we dont have a giant house, so most directions we throw toys are towards something, and we try not to throw it to close to it, but the wood floors dont help(she can slide very far ) i am worried about her, i have seen cats run into walls(which she does sometimes) and various other things and i was just wondering how bad this is hurting her... we dont have to even be playing with her, if she is just in one of those moods and she is running up and down hallways as fast as she can, she usually runs into something silly thing
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Well, my Skinny loves jumping on her favorite rug and slides down the hallway at full speed. She has hit the wall several times and she walks away happy. But my Wawa once jumped one floor down and developed a big lump below his left cheek because apparently he snapped his mouth shut with too much force on impact.
The worst is QT. She got into a catfight and ended up on the roof. She fell and broke her hind leg.
All in all, cats are pretty strong I think.
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I don't know, was wondering the same thing.
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They have an inbuilt ability to usually land on their feet if they fall any distance, though they can injure themselves. I had one break a leg by climbing out the top 6 inches of a sash window when she was in heat, and another jumped at a fly and went straight through the lace curtain and an open window, splitting his palate. But Ellie jumped/fell 12 feet off my balcony when she was only 12 weeks old, and suffered no damage, and certainly they all seem to ignore the many falls off furniture, bookshelves etc. All you can do is make things as safe as possible as far as major accidents might be concerned and leave them to use their own catsense for anything else.
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when she was younger she used to fall of the backs of chair or off shelves alot and wouldnt land on her feet, now she is better, she only does it everyone once in a while, but i am more concerned with her running head first into walls and stuff, after some of the hits i have seen i would think she is seeing 3 of everything...
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Oh I understand your worries... when Baylee first moved to my place, she would run right smack into my glass coffee table. Thankfully she's learned and it doesn't seem like she's been affected by it...
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