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Peeing next to the litter box

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One of my babies, Willow, has been peeing next to the litter box and in other areas around the house. I have two kitties and three litter boxes which I try to keep clean. I usually use clumping litter, so I tried switching to those absorbant crystals in one of the boxes. That worked for about a week. Normally, I catch her right after she's peed next to a box, on the newspaper. I even tried filling one of the boxes with newspaper to see if that would work (she used it once only). A couple of days ago, I watched her pee on another piece of paper, and she has also peed on some clothes (once on my boyfriend's pants and once on a shirt I put in a box to make a bed).

She doesn't do this every time, and sometimes she is quite good about using the litterbox. Should I take her to the vet? Since she isn't doing it all the time, I'm not sure whether this is strictly behavioral or if there could be a medical problem. Also, if I take her, should I bring her in at the same time as my other cat (he is always at the vet--if the vet offered frequent flier miles with every visit, I could be in Hawaii right now) or should I take them in separately? Willow and Spot aren't exactly friends but they rarely hiss at each other.
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This could be a medical problem and you should take her in. You don't need to take both kitties in unless they are both exhibiting symptoms. Becky
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You should rule out a health issue before looking further- there are ways to get the cats to get re-adjusted after a vet visit without taking both of them into the vet.
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I think I didn't say exactly what I meant to say. Spot is going in anyway for a different problem. He's got an abscess on his head that refuses to go away, so he's supposed to go in tomorrow to get it checked. My question is whether to bring Willow at the same time or to bring her separately after taking Spot home.
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You can probably take them both if you have two carriers, but check to be sure that is OK with your vet and expect to pay for two office visits. I wouldn't put them together in one carrier because even if they normally get along, under the stress of a visit to the vet they may bite or scratch one another. Stress does not bring out the best in cats. Becky
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I will definitely bring them in two carriers. Spot will just be in for a recheck, and they don't normally charge me for that. Unfortunately, his head is not getting better, so I'm not sure what we'll do with him now.
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Did they ever do cultures? Becky
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They did one on Tuesday, but as of Thursday, nothing had grown. At that time, he had a drain in and I'm not sure whether they were able to get a good enough sample. The drain came out on Thursday (it had been in for over a week) and his head was oozing by Friday morning and swollen again by Friday night. Spot's getting better about sitting still for the warm compresses.
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Poor baby, I hope they find an answer soon. Have they tried antibiotics non stop for a month? Have they checked him for diabetes? That makes wounds hard to heal. His blood sugar would have been checked if they did a chemistry panel on him. Becky
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I hope so too. We've only done one round (7 days) of antibiotics this time because it gives him diarrhea that continues after the medication is stopped. We were hoping to identify the bacteria with the culture so we could pick an antibiotic to target it, but if nothing has grown over the weekend, I don't know what we'll do. When we did the screening initially (almost 4 months ago) he did not have diabetes, but he does have hyperthyroidism (which we're treating with methimazole).

It's a good thing he's a pretty good natured kitty or he'd be hiding under the bed every time I came in the room. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.
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Willow does have a urinary tract infection, so we've started her on antibiotics (Baytril, I think) and an anti-inflammatory. Poor girl. I wish I had taken her in sooner.

Spot is going to have a biopsy on Monday. I'm going to post more about this in the original thread I started for him about his persistant abscess.
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Well, at least you found out now and are treating it. When my Asa developed lower urinary tract disease, Iswitched all four to a canned food diet. Before I did, he had two bouts. None since. You might give it a try. Becky
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In three weeks (a week after finishing the antibiotics) I'm supposed to bring her back in to make sure the infection is gone. If it isn't, then I'll ask the vet about switching foods. I just recently switched them back to their normal food, Precise dry food, (they had been on Purina OM for Spot's diarrhea) so I'd like to keep them on it for a while.
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What do you think of the size of those Baytril pills? I am in the same boat you are. I feel bad for not taking Zoey in sooner for her bladder infection. She barely gave me any signs. Just lots of trips to the litterbox but she never went outside the box, sweet girl. She seems all better now.. just 3 more days of pills left and then I also need to bring her back in for a re-check and hope the crystals are gone or else I will need to change her diet. Both of my cats drink lots of water and also eat canned as well as dry food so its very frustrating. You could be doing all the right things but it still happens.
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I actually like the Baytril pills better than the Tapazole I give my other cat. It is much easier to see if they've spit out the Baytril than something smaller than a three-hole-punch scrap. Plus, they don't dissolve all over your fingers in quite the same way. My cat, however, may not agree.

Willow's only sign was the peeing outside of the box, but it was so infrequent that I thought she was just telling me the litter box was dirty. At least she's getting the treatment she needs now. My house, however, is a different story. I think I need to borrow my brother's blacklight to find all the places she used to send me a message.
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My boy Asa can't seem to tolerate any dry except the occasional treat. He may have some kind of reaction to the carbs in it, I guess. But on canned he does fine, even under stress, which used to set him off. I get an upset stomach from stress, it is odd that Asa gets an upset bladder. Becky
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