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I want ICE!

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Duffy's almost got the ice and water dispenser figured out.

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That's so cute!
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Uh oh... you're gonna come home one day to find a lot of water all over the floor! Smart cat!
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lol! That is soooo adorable!
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Come on, Meowmy, get me a stool.

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That's cute, what a smart kitty!
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"I'd get it myself, Mom, if I could only reeeeeeeeeeeeach!"

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Aw what cute pictures, and hey it's good to see you posting!
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hehe mine today was like... mom i want to come in the bath with you but i dont like this liquid! but he did enjoy the foam and bubbbles lol
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Aw what cute pictures, and hey it's good to see you posting!
Hi Sam. Thanks. I'm not feeling to badly these days. I got a 2 month break from chemo treatments. I'll be having surgery sometime in January, then off to John Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland for more chemo!

Hope your holiays are/were good! Happy New Year!
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What's cuter than a soft, round paw reaching out like a hand?
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Awwww their great!. You should send one in to "Caption This"
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Too funny and too cute! He (she?) has markings just like my Phineas!
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