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Mats in Ragdoll's fur

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My Ragdoll Snowman occasionally gets some very obstinate mats in his hair that I can't even cut out. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to untangle very fine and VERY MATTED hair? If you have any suggestions or can point me to a thread it will be very much appreciated. I brush him regularly but sometimes these mats seem to develop overnight. Any help is welcome. BTW, he can't bear the sound of clippers so that is right out. Thanks again.
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The best way to get them out is with a comb that has rolling teeth, I have only been able to find them online. In addition to the comb, working them out with your fingers by pulling the hair apart will do the trick.
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Flea combs (combs with very close teeth) work very well on matts. You can use one to break up the edges of the matt, then go from there. Or you could go to your vet's and ask them to shave out the matts.
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Sometimes mats do seem to happen over night! And there's not really an easy way to get them out. Mats come from dead, shedding hair that gets tangled with existing hair. One thing that helps to prevent them in long haired cats though, is bathing them regularly. I can't begin to tell you how huge of a difference this makes. Anyway.... have you tried picking them apart with your fingers? Sometimes if you start slowly picking them apart with your fingers they will come right out. Then once they are loosened I comb them out and it doesn't even pull. That's what I do because my persian's don't care too much for the comb when the mats are really stuck in there. I would not recommend you try cutting them out yourself. You may have to have the vet or a groomer do it though. You'd be suprised what they will tolerate for a stranger!
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