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kitten with Eosinophillic Granuloma, and rodent ulcers?

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my kitty phoebe who is only 7 months old has a rodent ulcer which is linked to something called eisinophillic granuloma. the first time we took her to the vet her chin lower lip area was puffy and just blamed on allergys, she got a shot and it went away. this time it came back and worse on her upper lip which the doc said was an ulcer. shes really young to be getting this and if gone untreated can lead to cancer. Im really worried. The vet gave us instructions to rid our house of all plastics that she may chew on and the litter with the deodorizing crystals. If it doesnt come back than plastics are the cause, if her ulcers do than we have to do another search of what it may be. Does anyone have any experience with this. Poor baby, shes only 7 months and has 2 page both sides chart at the vet already.
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Here are a couple links that will help you understand your kitty's dilemma.



Hope this helps.

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So sorry to hear about your kitty. Years ago, I had a kitty (Lily) with this difficult and hard to treat skin disorder. At four months of age she developed the linear plaque on her hind legs. Soon followed the ulcers on her mouth and lips. One time she even chewed her own pawpads. After years of conventional medicine, which only relieved the symptoms temporarily, I took her to a homeopathic vet. They prescribed a home made diet and homeopathic medicines. Unfortunately, she was now older and never adjusted to the home made diet. I was lucky enough to find the Innovative Feline Diet canned food from my regular vet. They have food with a protein not found in most cat foods; i.e., duck, rabbit and venison. The homeopathic medicine helped somewhat but after years of being on and off of cortisone shots, her immune system was pretty weak. She was irritable, aggressive (she would attack me and my other cats) and pretty miserable most of the time. However, Lily had other problems too. I've seen cats with this disorder whose symptoms are managed very well and live an otherwise very heathly, long life.

A recent addtion to my kitty family, Mia, also has this disorder but I've always treated her holistically after learning from Lily. She eats a premium canned cat food (lamb is the protein) that has no by-products, artifical flavors, colors or preservatives. Her bowls are porcelain and are washed after every meal. I don't leave food down for her and she never eats dry food. And no corn or wheat. These are known allergens. Things to look for in a canned food are: no by-products; high-quality meat; whole grains and vegetables; omega-3 fatty acids (which will really help with this skin disorder). This month's The Whole Cat Journal has a very good article about canned food and lists some of their top choices, Azmira and Felidae being two that are particularly good for kitties with allergies.

Your vet is correct in trying to get rid of anything plastic. I would also be careful of toys that may cause a reaction. And stay away from cortisone shots. They will only weaken her already compromised immune system. Try building her immune system up with vitamins and whole, natural foods. Anitra Fraiser, author of The New Natural Cat has some very good information concerning this. Good luck to you and your kitty. I hope this has been of some help.


Kathleen Tuttle
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Thank you for all your info. My cat also has this skin disorder. Are any of the Natural Foods helping? I have a total of 4 cats so I guess I'll switch them all to the foods you mentioned. I'll miss feeding the dry foods which are the Royal Canin Duck, Rabbit and IVD ZD (low allergen food). My cat has been on and off cortizone since I adopted him....he's a beautiful Maine Coon and must be purebred as I hear they have all sorts of problems but I wouldn't give him up for the world!
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