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morning behavior

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Hello, I am new here and a first time pet owner. My husband and I adopted Seamus a few weeks ago. I guess I should be glad he sleeps through the night with us and doesn't try to wake us up. When we do wake up though, he acts so strange. He'll do that sideways hop, with his hair all standing up and his tail out, as if he's scared of something. Nothing is new or different in our room. It always makes us laugh, he looks so little and cute.

Thanks, Erin
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Is he a baby cat? I am always surprised at how much baby cats love to pretend to be scared. It sounds like he is just playing, especially if he isn't showing any signs of real fear. We love to see pictures here (hint). Welcome to you and Seamus. Becky
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Yes, he is a baby. About 2 1/2 months old. I bought a kitten book that said that cats don't like the smell of citrus, the next day Seamus is drinking my orange juice out of my glass when my back is turned. I also read that if I didn't want him in my plant to put tin foil around the base and he'd leave it alone. That didn't work either. He's a funny guy. I'm still trying to figure out the posting a picture thing.

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I put my pics up on www.photobucket.com and just copy the third link under it to this site. I hope that makes sense. It works for me anyway.
Cats are always different than the books, aren't they? I think the citrus smell most cats don't like is the oils from the peel. Try squeezing a little peel and see what his opinion of that is. But many cats like fruit. Among mine I have ones that like cantaloup and olives.
Some people have sucess keeping cats out of plants by using rocks over the surface of the soil. There are also pieces of double sticky tape you can get to place over the top of the pot to discourage them. Just be sure you don't use fish emulsion fertilizer, they love the smell of that.
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Oh, with the pics on photobucket, I go to edit there, and shrink my pics to 50% so they aren't so big here. Becky
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LOL I miss when Saki used to do weird/cute things like that.
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