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Sings of infection after spay?

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Tango was spayed last Monday and this morning I noticed that on one side of her incision is a bit swollen and hard to the touch. It does not bother her, she will let me touch the hard area. She is eating, drinking, playing normal, though still a bit more tired than she was before the spay. The incision itself looks fine, no redness, healing evenly, ect.
The only thing is that she has been running around a bit more today than she has been.
Could it be a bit irritated because of the playing? Is this normal? Vet trip tomorrow?
Any advice appreciated! Thanks!
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Signs of infection are heat (localized or fever), redness, swelling, drainage and pain. If pain, redness, drainage and heat are absent, then the swelling is probably due to a reaction to the sutures. This is not an emergency. My vet told me to expect it, but I was surprised to see how much swelling there was and took my kitty in anyway. But is was just a suture reaction and went away in a couple of weeks. You should call your vet to be on the safe side, but expect to hear that it is not a problem. Becky
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Thanks Becky!
I feel much better now
I'll call in the morning just to be sure, I had a feeling she was fine, and hehe I do expect to be told that she is now! Thanks!
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I was actually pretty embarrassed about this. I called the vet and they told me it was normal. But I insisted it was abnormal, I had never seen it before. They told me to bring her in, and it was normal. So I was pretty embarrassed. But I have had cats spayed before and never had it happen. It was pretty big swelling, too. But it went away, just like they told me it would. Becky
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Thats why I was so worried! It never happened with Cola or any of my Mom's cats
But until I can be completely calm about it I'll still call in the morning
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