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cleaning the cat

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Our girl loves to spend a lot of time in her own personal, private playground, a/k/a our cellar. We think there must have been a coal bin down there at one point. Between the floor being half dirt, the coal dust and soot from the furnace, she comes upstairs filthy! We've discussed putting in a small shower at the top of the cellar stairs but I'm not sure she'd go for that. What can we clean her off with? A towel? Is there any kind of coat cleaner someone could recommend? We may have to stop letting her go down there.

Thanks, everybody.

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If you look here at Petsmart the link I gave is to their waterless shampoos.
Take a look and decide what would be best for your cat
The other thing is I'm not sure what your cat is getting into, but it might be safer to not let her down there, what ever is getting into her fur could be harmful when she cleans it off!
Hope that helps
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Thanks!! We'll give them a try. Her daddy doesn't want to have to ban her from the cellar but it may become necessary. Either that or I'm gonna make her a jumpsuit to wear down there. She knows when she goes outside she must have on her harness. We are so lucky to have such a good natured, adaptable girl.

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If it was just dirt, you could clean her with a damp cloth and I wouldn't be much concerned. But coal dust is another matter. Seems like that could be more toxic and you wouldn't want her licking too much of it off herself. I guess if you limit it to once every week or two and bathe her afterwards, maybe it would be safe, I just don't know for sure. I wouldn't risk it. Becky
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Can you use the vacuum on her? That would work wonders on the dust. (I'm being serious here. I swear. My mom tells me stories all the time about how she used to vacuum Kutsie, and how much he loved it. With the hose attachment, I mean.)

If she's afraid of the vacuum cleaner, then what about a hair dryer? Buy one with a cool setting, and blow the dust off?

If she's scared of both of these... um... bath time?
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I use pre-moistened wipes for cats.
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I'm not sure waterless or pre moistened wipes are going to work for a cat whose fur is full of coal. I would really avoid letting her go down there. I'm not sure how healthy it is anyway. Often coal has additives and heavy metals in it that can be lethal when accumulated in the long term. (I actually work in a clinical lab where we test for toxic heavy metals).

There is a link at the bottom of my signature that goes to my website. There are tips on bathing there that might help you if kitty gets too messy. But seriously.... I'd keep her away from the coal.
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