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Brown/black tabby pics wanted! Post yours here!

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And last but not least, another thread of all our black/brown sweeties!! Here's mine!!

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Aw she's a cutie! I love that first picture of her... that pose is my favorite!
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hehe i was going to say!! i hope you didnt forget about trixie!
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Aww she's a cutie.
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YAY, tabby pictures!! Trixie you are a beauty! Here's my boy..........

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Kitty & Sassy

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Kitty, Sassy and Sash are great!!
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AWWW What cute babies you have....
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Here's another of my baby girl
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Awwwww! Trixie, Sash, Kitty and Sassy are all beautiful!
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Here is Buddy, he came from a research facility. He loves people and loves to play. He was after his cousins tail ( came from same facility) The dog was trying to ignor both of them.

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Everyone's pictures are sooooo cute!!! This is my monster Princess. (She is actually helping me post the pictures buy laying on the keyboard). She has quite an attitude. Princess definately keeps me entertained.

The 2 pictures below are my favorite poses from the first time I had her pictures taken. They were taken a couple weeks before her 1st birthday. They're scanned pictures so they don't look as clear as in person.

The last picture was just taken about a month ago. She's 9 now.
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Lovely pics, you guys have beautiful cats!
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what wonderful photos everyone
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oh Oscar

what a great photo Cathi
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Pick me up Mommy

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Oh Cathi, how cute! Love the pic! Here is my Trixie this morning looking up at the printer. As soon as that thing goes off, they come running!
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Aw she's so gorgeous! I tried SO hard to take pictures of Baylee last night... she did not want to cooperate like Trixie did!
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He hates having his picture taken.

Gracie in her usual snooze spot.
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Addie's so pleased - Tippy and Felicity appeared in other threads and she was getting jealous

Here's our little feral companion

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She's so pretty.
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Originally Posted by captiva

She's so pretty.
Aww thanks - but she is incredibly strong. When we caught her to take her to the Vet she sprang out of hubby's hands first time. She has incredible power and makes our other two look like really soft, pampered housecats. I suppose it must be 4+ years of living outside.
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Here's Milo...not sure if he fits here, he looks more grey to me

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Oh Diane, Milo fits in perfectly!!! I love his socks!!!
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AWWW..........Kitty, Sassy, Buddy, Oscar, Trixie, Sam, Gracie, Addie and Milo are all such beautiful tabbies! Here's some recent pictures of Sash

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