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2 more shelters

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Marcia, the neighbor that feeds most of our colony, had asked me if I could have 2 more (AlleyCat Allies) shelters made (a previous thread about 2 shelters made for me by my nephew was lost in the Great Crash). I finally got around to it on the 18th, with my eldest brother helping me get and cut the lumber. We then assembled, painted and shingled them during the next week and a half at my house. I wanted to get them done as the temps have been dropping quite low lately. Finally finished, we put them in place Christmas Eve evening.

Here's the one in Marcia's yard. Sometimes the cats like to be near it, rather than in it

Here's one of the new ones, located in a sheltered spot between two houses next to Marcia's. We know for sure they are using this one.

This is the last one. Don't know if the cats are using it, need to check with this neighbor and see if they'd like it in a different spot (put it here because this spot is out of the prevailing winds)
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Those are really beautiful.. Thank you for doing this
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What a caring, wonderful person you are, just the thought of how much you are helping those animals brightens my day.
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Oooohhhhhhhhhh....THIS is so great!!! It just warms my heart! What do you have inside them?
I have been putting boxes in dry places at the barn next to the grainmill in our town, where all the ferals/strays are. They have heavy gauge plastic on the bottom of them, and lined with styrofoam, newspaper and blankets. They are positioned so I can check them to make sure the inside linings of items are still dry. If not, I replace them with new dry items...
So far, I know that 90% of them are being used by the kitties there--so I am VERY happy and relieved about that!
I think you are wonderful to do this!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Missy&SpikesMom
What do you have inside them?
Straw. I picked up 2 bales of straw around Halloween -used some in the shelters and some to mulch my gardens.
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oh arent you just wonderful it brings tears to my eyes to read things like this - what a beautiful person you are helping these ferals

thankyou on behalf of them
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Nice job! I'm looking forward to making some wooden shelter myself.

The thread has since been lost, but our three ferals sleep every night in our large rubbermaid-style shelter. I'm not thrilled with the top -- it catches water because of the shape -- but the ferals now drink out of it and seem to be OK. We keep it under an overhang and we've put much more hay in it since these photos were taken.

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Hi Scott - really glad you re-posted the pictures of your home-made shelters. They are fantastic!!!
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Scott, I remember seeing those pictures before the crash. Nice touch with the door thingy (can't remember what it's called). I was considering attempting this type (the wood shelters are a lot of work) but couldn't find the proper size bins. Thanks for reposting these.
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gargoyle and Scott77777 those are awesome shelters for the kitties.Thanks for taking such great care of the ferals.Keep up the good work.
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