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My Cat Luna

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I have written these poems for school. But I like to think of it as writing fore fun because these poems were fun to write. If you have any questions or coments on the poems I would like to here them. You can also tell me what you didn't like about the poems. Don't wory I will not be ofended. I have been trying to become a better writer.

My Cat Luna

Always curios but calm
Small little stalker
Cute when a cuddled up ball
Gray, white, very, very light



grey as a full moon late at night
cute cat
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I enjoyed reading "My Cat Luna." The first stanza, especially, is lovely. In my opinion, the second stanza could use a different last line — then the entire poem would be lovely.

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Great poetry Griffin, i totally agree with you that poetry should be for fun, and it is. I love to write too and really enjoyed your poem. I like short punchy poetry, i think it can appeal to peopel who think they don`t like poetry too. You poem is lovely, i do agree with Mr. Cat about the last line, but aside from that you are great, keep up the good work (or rather fun)

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Griffin - they re both magnificant! Thanks for sharing with us.
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