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New cat collectables

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When I went christmas shopping before I saw a new collection I had never seen before at Wicks N Sticks. It features cats, very diva'ish glamour cats. So I am now collecting them, I recieved one for christmas named "Katty Diva"

This is her!

I absolutely love these, some other people might not, but I do!

Here is a link to some of them:
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That's kinda cute! I was at that store the other day, how'd I miss them! Have fun collecting... do you usually buy stuff you collect yourself or do you hope people will take a hint and buy them for you?
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Most of my faerie collection was bought from others, this one was bought from my mom, but I wouldn't mind buying them for myself!
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I always wonder... I'm starting to collect snowglobes, or trying to... but it seems kinda wrong to keep buying them for myself. Maybe I'm just being silly!

That's neat that you collect Faerie stuff too! How fun!
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I LOVE that!!
I gotta find them here!!
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I love it too!!
my gosh! i wish i could find them here.
You would see a shelf full of them!
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now thats cute i never seen anything like that before but i know one thing i have no more room in my house for anything im running out of room this is not good
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Oh that sure is cute Meagan! Thanks for sharing!
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thats cute!
i have never seen them b4
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I love it That will be some that I will have to start adding to my collection of kitty stuff too I have been collecting cat fiqurines for over ten years now....must have for my collection.
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well they're intersting...
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That's too funny ! I'm going to have to go and check them out ....
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