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My Very First White Christmas!!!!!

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I am proud to present to you my very first White Christmas--we had 8-9 inches of snow Christmas morning when we woke up! Very VERY! Rare! We saw the Houston Chronicle this morning and they actually had pics of snowmen on the beach!! It was very awesome to experience such a lovely day--since I've never been in snow--only visiting in Colorado a couple of years back....but to actually see it at home--at my in-laws house (Sweeny, Texas--an hour South of Houston)--what a very wonderful Christmas!

Here is the first pic....Watson and I enjoying a run and play in the snow!
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OUtside in the back yard!
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At the church we were married at!
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Wow, those are great pictures... look at all the snow! It's gorgeous!
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My MIL & FILs' beautiful house!
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Merry Christmas from Me, Zack, Abby (my sister in law) and John (my father in law!) oh and our snowman!
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You can see the rest of our Christmas/Snow pics here
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Your pictures are lovely, and I'm glad to hear you finally got to experience a White Christmas! It somehow just adds a special touch to the holiday when it's all white outside.
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Thanks! This will be a Christmas not to forget!
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Aw I love that picture of your IL's house! So pretty! And great snowman!
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I am glad you could enjoy the snow - drink some hot chocolate!
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i bet you were so excited
we didnt have snow on xmas, which i was glad though because i wouldnt have been able to go out to visit my mum.
Your pics are so lovely
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Thanks guys! We got back last night and it didn't even stick here!! We were very lucky to experience that--which might not ever happen for us here again. It's been almost 15 years since it was icy! We are preparing for our mini-vacation to Austin tomorrow--I've been waiting for a vacation since March!!
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What lovely pictures Candie. I especially love that first one of you and Watson. How wonderful to have snow in Texas!
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Beautiful pictures Candie, looks like your dog had a lot of fun. I have never seen snow and for Christmas we had 85 degree weather.
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Hey those are great pictures Watson looks like he was having a blast too We didn't get any snow yeah,personally I am glad but Mom and my sister Kittywarden, aren't too hapy about it.
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