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Dear Trent

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Hi my little Poppy

I am sitting here looking at all your pictures. I am just so amazed at how beautiful you are

I bet you look so handsome with your special wings . I know you must have been sad to see Ani arrive at the Rainbow Bridge so soon I am sure she told you all of what happened and that she is glad to have found you Please help her and guide her in Kitty Heaven. If she ever feels scared or cold, just sit with her for some time. I know you are just perfect with comforting her
I miss you so much, My Baby Doll.. Sometimes I just sit and look at your pictures, and I touch the screen and can almost feel your soft fur. It was always so perfect. You are just so perfect You are my strong boy. I love you, My Angel..

Love Always and forever, Your Mommy
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Oh my, Lauren, this is such an incredibly beautiful message to your beautiful, brave little boy!Tears are pouring down my face. Trent is so happy and healthy today, right beside Ani, who is also in perfect health and full of joy as they watch over their Mommy who they love so dearly!
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Thank you, Stephanie

I have just been thinking a whole lot about my babies I miss them terribly. They really are the most amazing kitties that I ever knew. I wish you could have seen them when they were with me They could melt your heart..
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Ani and Trent still do melt my heart, Lauren.
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Oh Lauren I've touched the screen myself as if i could also feel Trents fur

Rest assured Ani and Trent are together now and watching over you and Skylar
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Dear Lauren, I hope they are both playing happily together. Hugs to you, I know how hard it is, I still miss Butch terribly. I hope they are all playing together at the bridge while they wait for us. Give Skylar a pet for me.
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Lauren, Iknow what you went through. I am crying as I write htis, but they will live in our hearts.
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Lauren just know that they are together now
I know they miss you just as much as you miss them and they watch and wait for you..
Such beautiful creatures~
You are in my thoughts Lauren,
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Today has hit me so hard.. All at once, the tears just attacked. I am feeling so sad. I miss my little munchkins so much . I have to believe that they are at peace now.

I love You, Trent and Ani .. You will always be my first babies and you will always be my forever love. Thank you for the wonderful years that you spent with me. Mommy's here thinking of you..
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Oh, Lauren. I can just feel your love for your babies. I'm so sorry.
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Thank you Snow

Your support means a lot to me. It is hard. It is the most difficult time I have ever gone through. But, like I said, I will get through this just like I have gotten through other stuff. I know it takes time. We are only human, and what we feel is just that..

Thanks so much..
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Oh Lauren ....i can't help but break down everytime i read about your angelic babies......i can't imagine what you are going are so strong, a strength that i dont think i could muster up myself..........
But there is a silver linning, your babies are living it up in heaven, and you have a million and a half stories to tell your baby skylar,stories about his remarkable older brother and have been in my thoughts and prayers everyday and skylar........bless you and your sweet baby
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Awwww, Lauren... I can feel your love for your Trent in your post, reading your words. I felt almost like I was reading something I couldn't, but once I started and the tears started, and the ache started, I couldn't stop. To be able to fill words on a computer screen so others can feel it is definate proof that you are one of the most loving people here.

Go with your emotions, and feel what you feel. The good days become more frequent, while the bad days don't come so often. Don't deny your feelings, if you bottle them it may seem easier, but it gets harder.

That was very beautiful what you wrote to Trent, he is very handsome. It breaks my heart everytime I see his picture. I just wish I'd had the chance to have met him and cuddled with him, and his soft perfect fur.
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Oh Lauren - Trent is such a beautiful boy. I know you take comfort that he and Ani are together and happy watching over you. It is hard to lose such perfect little friends but some day you will be able to look at pictures and smile without the tears as you remember the love you all shared.
Take care
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Trent you are so handsome and tears fall from my eyes everytime I think of you - we all love you

RIP sweet Angel Trent - look after your sister and watch over your Mum & Skylar
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Thank you all so much for thinking of my baby boy
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Trent .. I miss you so much.. Thinking of you so much right now... I Love You, Baby.. Please take care of your sister. I am afraid she may be scared right now, and I just want her to feel safe and peaceful.. I love both of you forever and ever..

I Love You So Much.. One day we will meet again in Heaven...

drawing by Jen Designs
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Dear Trent, you live forever in the heart of you lovely Mommie.... R.I.P.
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Muchas Gracias, CoolCat.. Prospero Ano Neuvo
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Lauren, Trent and Ani were so incredibly beautiful. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with both losses so close together. I know it hurts soooo much when we lose our precious best friends. I've lost three in a fairly short amount of time, over 5 years and it was hard so I can just imagine what you must be going thru. Please take your time in greiving. It does take some of us a long time.
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He was beautiful and still is in kitty heaven
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oh my, Lauren, there is your Trent with wings on and love and warmth in his eyes in that beautiful photograph. He is up there and part of the magnificent spirit of love that all kitties have inside them for those who love them in return. I know Freddie welcomed him as a brother and is with him now.

(Freddie 11/09/03, SiSi, never forgotten)
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Lisalee, Fwan, & Elizabeth

Thank you so much for visiting my baby's thread. It's always nice to know when my cat family comes to remember him

I have some beautiful photographs of My Trent Around the frames, I attached silver wings. He was, and always will be a forever angel

Trent and Ani fly together
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