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Another problem

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Okay, it's like this: Whenever I post a reply, I get the "the page cannot be displayed" thingy. However, my TCS message has been successfully posted. I have to press the back arrow to return to the site. Is the problem in my end?
Again, it is only in posting.
Thank you.
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When I posted this new thread, no problem. Let's see if this reply is okay.
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Yes, it happened again. New threads are okay, replies are not.
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Let's see.... I will try it, too.

*Edit.... I didn't have the problem you describe, yayi. Hopefully Thomas will see this and be able to shed some light on it for you.
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Just wanted to note that I haven't had that problem...
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I had a problem on ONE thread that no matter if I said quote or no quote it quoted. But have not had a problem on anywhere else.
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Okay, it's fixed!
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Today whenever I write a reply and submit it a "page cannot be displayed" pages comes up. But my post goes through anyway. Strange!
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Yep, that's exactly the problem. Thanks for the link to that thread...at least it's not only me!
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I'll move this to Feedback and merge it with that other thread.
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