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Bloody Stool

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When I came home tonight, Kionu had a little drizzle of blood/poo on the back of his leg & butt area. I immediately checked his stool and saw a streak of blood in it. He has been wormed and vaccinated a few weeks ago, so I don't know what to think.

I have been feeding him pumpkin mixed with his dry food at night (as someone suggested in my previous post) and so far he hasn't had any diarrhea. Since the veterinary hospital doesn't open until Monday, is there anything I can do? Should I be worried? Could it be from a change in his diet?
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I would strongly recommend that you call the Emergency Vet promptly regarding this. I know you love Kionu, and want to take the best care of him.
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He's still playing, and eating normal so I'm going to call them tomorrow morning. Thanks!
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It could also be the dry food, so if you can switch him over to canned for a bit-
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Just an update on Kionu. After spending all day at the vet hospital yesterday, it turns out he had worms that they did not catch in the first fecal test. He was wormed again, and was given another pill that he has to take in 2 weeks to make sure all the worms are gone. He's still wrestling and being a pest to Miko. LOL
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Glad that you got him checked out. He'll be 100% again in no time.
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You are so smart to have taken him in! Please continue to let us know how Kionu is feeling!
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Thanks for the support! *hugs*

So far, his poop has been blood-free and firm. Plus, no poopie stains on his but! A few days before it was a little on the soft side, but since I've been adding pumpkin to his food it's firmed up.

P.S. Would it be okay to feed him baby food (pumpkin or squash)? I checked the label and it had "squash and water" as the listed ingredients. I don't think I can feed him the original canned pumpkin, cause it would spoil faster than he eats it.
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