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Next year will be better, right?

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It's been a long hard year, and I can only hope that next year, things will be a little bit better. First, we lost my grandfather. Then, my parents' dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (we took him to the vet thinking it was arthritis and found out he had a deadly cancer instead). While we were treating the dog for pain, my family's cat died suddenly, probably of a heart attack or stroke. He had had a heart murmur for years. A few weeks later, we had to put the dog to sleep because his pain was increasing and we didn't want him to suffer. As hard as it was to see the dog in pain, it was harder on me to lose Alex (our kitty) without warning. I'm glad he didn't have to suffer for more than a few moments, and I'm especially glad that I live near to my parents so that I could say goodbye. All throughout college I worried that sometime would happen to a family member, including the kitties, and I would be too far away to come home and be with them. I'm grateful that I was able to be there shortly after he passed so that I could say goodbye.

Alex was my baby. When we got the kitties, he was supposed to be my brother's cat, and Hannah was supposed to be mine. But we don't choose our pets--they definitely choose us. Alex slept on my bed, cuddle with me and kept me awake at night with his talking and loud purring. He was a big orange and white tabby who wasn't terribly graceful. He used to climb onto the roof and get "stuck," forgetting how to get back down. I'd have to get a ladder and pull him off the rooftop sopping wet. He loved to tell me all about his day, but also was a great comforter when I was upset. As an early Christmas present, my mom gave me a beautiful ornament of an orange tabby cat with angel wings.

Almost four months ago, I adopted a sweet kitty boy. He's got hyperthyroidism that has also given him a heart murmur. Everyday, I wonder if he'll still be alive when I get home. If he's not waiting for me in the window, I immediately start to wonder whether I've lost him too.

I keep hoping that this next year will be better, with less pain and less heartache. But I guess the only way to avoid that kind of pain is not to love anything, and I'd rather accept the pain than miss out on all the love our animals have to share with us.
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I am sorry for your pain over the last few months and I too hope that the coming year will bring hope. What a lovely gift your mother gave to you to remind you that Alex is watching out for you. Look forward with your new kittie and live it as it comes - wether for a few months or many years the joy you get will stay with you.
Take care.
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I'm so sorry you had to go through so much heartbreak this year
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But I guess the only way to avoid that kind of pain is not to love anything, and I'd rather accept the pain than miss out on all the love our animals have to share with us.

As everyone here feels as well...
I sincerely hope that 2005 is better to you, and remember that we are all here for you no matter, best wishes for you and your sweet baby boy~
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I'm trying to stay positive, but my Spot is having a biopsy on Monday for the lump on his head. We think/thought it was an abscess, but we have been treating it since November 7th, and it still hasn't gone away. No bacteria grew on the culture. Going through anesthesia is a dangerous thing, especially for kitties with heart conditions, but I have to know what is causing his head to swell and drain. My hope is that they can get all of whatever it is with the biopsy.

Maybe next year won't be better after all...
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As someone who's glass is always "half-empty" I understand (a little bit) where you're coming from. It seems that it is always one thing after another thing followed by yet another thing - and all the "things" are unpleasant. However, it is possible to force oneself to look for the small miracles, the good things that happen to us and around us every day. Many days "looking for the good" is not the top thing on my agenda either. But please, try not to write the whole new year off as a big "thumbs down" before it even gets here.

Try to remain positive that Spot's lump will be treatable (I know, easy for me to say). It's just a "sucky" time of the year. We all have to remember that the daffodills will be waking up soon.
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what an awful few months you certainly have had - but as you said - thankfully you were there to say goodbye to Alex - he heard you say goodbye

but as that saying goes - it is better to have loved and lost than to ever have loved at all we all understand that saying so very well to loose our babies to the RB is hard, it is heartbreaking, but we have the memories of all the wonderful wonderful times spent together.

Alex will be watching over both you, Spot and your family now and he will be playing happily and painfree at the rainbow bridge and one day he will come running in your direction as you meet again

RIP sweet Angel Alex
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Dear Cloud

It certainly has been a tough year I am so sorry for all that you have gone through. I send you all my love and best wishes this new year..
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I'm very sorry to hear everything you have gone thru this year. My heart goes out to you at such difficult times. I will pray for you that this year will be much better.
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I know the pain you are going through.
My mums friend lost her son, then we lost our dog and cat in one day a week later we lost another cat because it got ran over, a month before we lost another cat. It was so heart breaking to take it all in.
Our home felt so empty
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Hey. the pain you're going through is ungodly. Our family German Shepherd died four years ago, I lost my Dad 1 yr and a half ago. I wasn't emotionally ready for another pet until this year. I adopted Pumpkin. a big orange and white tabby. But he's graceful. agressive yet graceful.
This year will be better for you. You already know the secret to having a good life is to keep letting love into your heart. I hope one day to learn the same lesson. Good luck
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Please continue to post and let us know how Spot is.

In the meantime I will be praying for you and Alex.
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Spot seems to be doing better. I'm hesistant to say that too loud, because the last time I thought he was doing better, he head puffed up again. He got through the surgery without any major issues, though he was limping for two days afterwards (we aren't sure why). They had given him a penicillin injection, so he had diarrhea for a week. There was a second pocket of pus that hadn't been draining, so they opened it and put a drain in. The drain was removed on Friday, and we started him on Baytril. Thankfully, the Baytril doesn't seem to be upsetting his digestive tract. I let the incisions heal, and I don't think any new lumps are forming. He goes back for a re-check on Thursday, so I'll update you all then.
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Just letting you all know that Spot is doing well. His head is healed and his hair is starting to grow back.
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Originally Posted by cloud_shade

I keep hoping that this next year will be better, with less pain and less heartache. But I guess the only way to avoid that kind of pain is not to love anything, and I'd rather accept the pain than miss out on all the love our animals have to share with us.

What a beautiful thought!

I am sending hugs to you. This year WILL be better!
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Good to hear that about Spot. Sorry to hear about your rough year.
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