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Stinky breath! and scary teeth

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My loveable kitty has been quite a displeasure to get close to lately. His breath stinks! Terribly! The cause is the fact that his wee teeth are in a rather horrible state of affairs.

The hugability factor is the minor one, I am more concerned that given that his breath smells toxic, that he may actually be suffering from his bad teeth. But I have a problem, I do not want to take him to have his teeth cleaned by the vet because, due to a congenital heart problem (he was born with a hole in his heart), it is quite hard on him to be put under anaesthetic. But he also does not respond well to any attempts I have made to use a kitty toothbrush on him.

Any suggestions?
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Only work with him in short spurts and start out by using your finger with some tuna juice applied to it. Just slowly brush his teeth with the juice, don't restrain him so hard that he squirms and let him go if he protests too much. Use a pleasant voice while speaking to him and speak to him the entire time you are messing with him. Do this enough so kitty will start looking forward to these brushing sessions, then graduate to a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger (also dipped in tuna juice) then graduate to pet toothpaste and if a pet toothbrush doesn't work, try those dental sponges. Before you put the pet paste on, apply some wet cat food and let kitty lick it off, then put the paste on and start to brush, keeping the sessions short and stopping if the cat gets uncomfortable.

There are dental care kibble available at the stores now, but some cats get stomach aches and problems from it. My cats get raw chicken bones once a week and their gnawing on them causes most of the plaque to come off their teeth and gums. But, with your kitty's bad breath that could just add to the problem. However, sometimes bad breath is an indication of another problem so kitty should go to the vet for a check-up. Hope I have helped and good luck
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If your cat's teeth are bad, the bacteria will get into his blood stream and then will damage his kidneys! Kidney damage can be fatal! A good vet will know which anesthesia to use that will be most safe for your cat. Chances are that your cat will need some of his teeth pulled in order to save his body from being poisoned by bacteria.

I can't emphasize strongly enough that the vet needs to check his teeth NOW! Hopefully, the vet will find nothing wrong and will simply suggest changing his food. But, chances are also good that his bad teeth are poisoning his internal organs.
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Welcome to The Cat Site Darlene!!

I really can't help you but I share your concern. My own 10-year-old cat had his teeth cleaned a few days ago and the anesthesia was hard on him too. There are many knowledgeable people here who give excellent advice and who may be able to help you with your concerns. I am interested in your responses.

If you go to the Cat Lounge, you can introduce yourself to the other members and they will give you a big welcome!!
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Thanks everyone for all the responses. I will be taking my little pet into the vet this weekend to have his chompers checked, and his blood too. I guess I will have to try to be more patient with the dental cleaning routine.

Thanks for all the suggestions though.
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Darlene - please let us know how you and your fur baby make out at the Vets.
Deb M
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Yes, I'm with lotsocats here. You should take your kitty immediately to the vet. The bacteria can affect his heart, liver & kidneys !

There are new anesthetic methods now; such as isofluorane which is a gas & isn't administered thorough the veins as a reagular anesthetic.
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