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Hair loss

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My Cornish Rex is losing his hair along the top of his tail & just recently on each side of his hip & his lower back. We have been to the vets & they have given him Cortisone, & they said its probably an allergy. I can feel little bumps along this area. He is going back to the vets this week, but any ideas on what this is. The strange thing regarding this is the fact that he is not losing the hair due to excessive licking or scratching, we very seldom see him lick these area, only when grooming, they do not appear to hurt him, also we do not have fleas.
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Boy, theres a whole aray of hairloss causes. I know the rex's can loose hair during stress or just because. However I have only really seen it on the ears and some at the rump. You may want to do some research on that end.
The others would be allergies to foods or something in the house. The vets can do a simple test to send off and have done. This will point to any particualr food allergy.
Then theres the mites and such. Last that I can think of is fungus. Ringworm is more common that it seems. It doesnt have to look like a ring. It may cause the bumps or small scratch like deals. How old is this kitty?
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Sandie, He is 10 years old. He has had a small area at the base of his tail for maybe 4-5 years & just in the last 3-4 months it has gotten to this point. It very well could be stress related, he hates one of my other cats, one of the siamese brothers (he likes the other one). Very frequently he will just jump on & start a fight with the one cat, the other cat will be sleeping & this one will just jump on him & get real nasty. I had gotten a new cat from the Humane shelter last year, but my cat was so mean to him that I had to find the shelter cat another home.
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Yeah, it could very well be stress. These guys are pretty high strung and these things happen. I would just make sure and see about allergy testing. See if there's any ingredients in the diet he is allergic to. You may want to call around and see which vets offer the service and how much it is. I know the testing itself isnt to terrible. I know they don't have much hair to begin with...
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