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New and Introducing myself...

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I am a happy mom of two beautiful girls.

The oldest is a 4 year old Siamese which we named Streak because she runs and all you see is this flash of white.

The youngest is about 8 months and is a tortishell named Ginger. Who is really into biting me alot. She is learning it is not acceptable.

Streak had a sister which we recently put to sleep due to liver problems and I still miss her very much. The doctors at the trauma center tried everything for two weeks but it was much more progressed than we all thought originally. After she passed, Streakie went room to room meowing and searching for her sister. After a brief time, my hubby and I realized we had to get her a companion soon. So I drove down to the shelter and picked out Ginger. It took me all afternoon to make sure I was picking out the right one for Streakie. Streak is shy - and I hate to say, was picked on by her other sister. But we had gotten them together so.....

Luckily, Streakie and Ginger bonded instantly and are now inseparable.

We had a kitty before these with kidney problems....she passed at oh, 16 years. :angel4:

I have posted several times but just noticed the introduce section and wanted to do just that. I love cats....will be looking for the third one shortly.
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Welcome to The Cat Site. I'm sorry to hear about Streak's sister. It's always hard to lose a pet. I'm glad Streak and Ginger have become fast friends. Hope you have a great time here at our little site.
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Thanks Dawn! I think I have to get a third cat because they spend so much time together its hard for this human to get any attention!

I'm loving it already. I think I am up to post #12.

Having a purr-fect time and really enjoy reading the posts.

Dorina =^..^=
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Dorina, Welcome to The Cat Site!!
You want a 3rd kitty? We have 3 six month old kittens that showed up a couple months ago and are looking for a nice new home!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!!! I hope to see you posting here often!!!!

:baloon: :baloon:
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Hi and Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Dorina, welcome!!
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Welcome to the Cat site!!! So sorry about your baby....my boy Bod did exactly the same thing when his brother left us he was searching and mewing for ages, so of course we had to get him another friend, - which turned into two new friends...then I wanted a kitten again....and that ended up as two aswell....hee hee so we now have 5....Of course I still want more.., no wait, I NEED more...its absolutely necessary!!!
Hope to see you around lots!!
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Hello and welcome to the site. Glad to have you with us.
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Thanks for the Welcomes!

And Pat, if I lived near ya...would be great to take one of those kitties off your hands. I'm way up in North NJ....plus, my sis-in-law takes in kitties as well....I have to check her batch first. My others I've gotten from local shelters w/o checking w/sis and she gets mad....can't blame her. Although she is happy [of course] that a kitty has come into our home.

Unfortunately, my hubby wants to wait a bit longer before we bring in the third cat. I'm working on him though. Can't have enough kitties.

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welcome Dorina!

your babies sound adorable.

can't wait to see pics

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They are adorable. But I'm their mom so I think their the cutest.

I have to figure out how to use this scanner that didn't come with directions!!

As soon as I can figure that out I will post my babies.

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Hi there Dorina :angel2::daisy:

It's great to have you here I'm sure you'll love it here as most of us do. It can be addicting.

I'm sorry to hear about your little girl, but I'm very happy to see that you've found Ginger to help ease you and your Streakie through those times...:angel2:

Love & Peace
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Welcome Dorina!

Sounds like you have 2 lovely furfaces, and my guess is you'll soon have more! :LOL:

If you get over this way (Oregon) I have 2 six week old male Siamese mix babies who will soon be ready for new homes, and 1 black and white tux and 1 grey and white tux female also...all from the same litter! :
I'm still trying to decide which of the boys I'm, keeping though...it's such a hard decision!
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A big welcome from down under .
You are very blessed with your 2 babies.
Tish and friend's Mish,Roxy and Monty
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