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We are seriously addicted.....

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There are less than two hours to go here before Christmas officially ends, and we had a long family get-together this afternoon, so I don't feel too bad about thinking it necessary to check in here, but I'm really surprised at how many people are posting on Christmas Day! It just goes to show how much of a family the TCS community is.
I just hope some of you will be here in the afternoon on December 31st, as it'll already be New Year's Eve here, and Jamie and I will be "on our lonesome" - Robert has to work, and Zsa Zsa is officially moving two doors down tomorrow (she's the cat we have to rehome because Jamie won't accept her in "his" home).
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well we didnt have a big thing here so i was able to come onto tcs :claps:
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Besides being snowed in, we're having the big family get together next week.
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Well I am trying to keep a good man down, so Mike is asleep on the couch and I am just cruising in now and again to share everyone's christmas that is willing to share it-
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You guys officially are the family with whom Sierra and I will be sharing our Christmas Day!
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TCS was one topic of conversation at our family gathering today. Our nephew is getting into pool, which is the latest craze among teenagers here. My husband was a championship (French) billiards player in his twenties, and he gave Erik his old sticks, and everybody started talking about the trophies we have at home. Robert remarked that they now serve a useful purpose - I use a huge china trophy he won to store "fishing-pole" cat toys in. So talk turned to cat toys, and then how Robert has the TV to himself because I'm here just about every evening ater the 7 p.m. news broadcast. He claims he isn't interested in the site, but keeps reading posts over my shoulder and making remarks.
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well, we just had my house family for dinner.. and thats it... but, we have a few friends over now.. nothing exciting...
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Charlie and I have been home all day doing nothing but sleeping and eating, so I've been checking in and out all day.....nice and peaceful here though!
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Oh, I will no doubt be checking in on New Year's Eve. My late husband and I never made much of that as a special day, so except for getting awakened at midnight with fireworks in the neighborhood, it was just another day. Now that I'm alone and only have one relative living within 400 miles, most holidays are alone unless her plans happen to include me. This time she'll be out of state. Good thing I consider myself pretty much a loner, I guess. I imagine some people would have problems with it.
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Well, our travel plans are on hold, because Rob's back chose yesterday to seize up and is playing merry H*** with him. Sitting in cars and on ferries is just not on, so the family gathering on the other side of the water will go on without us. The boy is upstairs, finding one barely acceptable position after another and catching a nap when he can, and I came down to haul a Cornish Game Hen out of the freezer -- we may not get the family feast, but d***ed if we're having an ordinary dinner! I certainly couldn't walk past the computer twice without dropping in

Merry Christmas, all. I don't know what we'll be up to on New Year's Eve, though our preference is just to be here and peaceful, so likely I'll drop in then. Meanwhile, I must go see how the patient is, and figure out what's going with the hen.

This place really is extended family
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I and the housemate went to a local Chinese buffet and had a Chinese Christmas!! She also had already opened up my kid and the half-kid's stockings.... Without me even. And now there is cat toys everywhere.
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I just can't pass up a chance to catch up with everyone's lives. Just too curious
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I only had time to check here in the morning because I had an extremely busy day yesterday, got a bit of time to post this afternoon before I go out to dinner.
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