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So what time....

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Did your day start. Our five year old woke at 5am, yes five flipping am!!!! Its now 19.48 and hes still going, tongue going faster than a flag in a wind tunnel and its not stopped all day!!
I swear if I ever have to assemble another Disney Pirate thing - first one the boat, took me four hours, the island a further three - I am gonna scream blue murder.
I need my bed very very much, unlike christopher who has absolutely no intention of stopping and has not so far. Unsure if he was there at dinner , I seem to recall a small vision of him flying by.

oh - it snowed as well, has not snowed in leeds since New years eve last year.
I do wonder if a 5 year old gets up at 5 , I cant wait until hes 10. A ten am start may be just the tonic I need.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day..... I am gonna go and sit and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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It sounds wonderful, though, Kev - I can just imagine his excitement! We didn't get up till around 9 a.m.. I'm really surprised Jamie let us sleep that late - it must've been his Christmas Eve dinner (a can of "real" tuna, not the "kitty" kind) and all the fun he had destroying the Christmas tree.
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Right - I get it- to get Christopher to sleep late- feed him a can of tuna... back in a few minutes. He WILL eat it I swear!!!!!! Now wheres that can opener. Hey talking of fish, aren't sardines intelligent??? They must be, first they get themselves in a can, dress themselves in sauce, close the lid and they put the key on the outside.. now thats an intelligent fish!!!! Right, wheres that kid and the can????
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Sounds like you are definitely feeling a lot better, Kev!

You have to watch out for that ominous phrase on the package - "Some assembly required"! (Right up there with "requires batteries, not included")
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I got up at 2:30 pm.
I woke up at 10 and i said ohh let me sleep in for another hour... and this is what happened! then i went down in the rain to fix bfs car. i didnt have to do anything just keep the light on as soon as it got dark!
then i went out to get dinner because we have nothing in our fridge! and thenn i went into the hospital for a while and thats all i did today!
xmas is ending in an hour and 10 minutes.
It wasnt really xmas for us but i hope it will be a good one next year
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Has Christopher crashed yet? I can sympathize - when Erik (soon 17) was little, we spent many a Christmas putting together his "Lego Technik".
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We got up at around 9, just mom and I
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