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Old cat is TERRIFIED of new sweet cat!

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We recently got a new cat(lola) from the humane society. She is 4 years old, had two litters and is fixed. She is very sweet to us, slightly skiddish yet, but never agressive to us. The problem is our original cat(Miko), who is a 6 year old female, is terrified of the new cat. Miko refuses to go in the basement where the new cat is. We had to put a litter box upstairs for her because she wouldn't even go downstairs to go to the bathroom. When Miko sees the new cat she hisses and runs, so terrified she runs into doors and chairs. She'll even hiss at us if she smells the new cat on us. The new cat has slowly made her way upstairs, but gets frightened easily. Lola is very interested in Miko. She goes directly to her when she sees her, never hissing or pouncing, but she acts like she's going to attack Miko. Lola crouches and runs up to Miko when her back is turned, however she does not seem aggressive, just curious. None of us know why Miko is so terrified, or if Lola is actually trying to attack Miko. We recently had an old cat die back in May, don't know if that has anything to do with it. Please give us any advice or suggestions.
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Have you read this? http://www.thecatsite.com/content/view/11/26/1/0/
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It may take a month or two for things to calm down. I volunteer at a shelter, and we always tell people that it'll take cats a month or so to get used to each other and settle down. I wish it was as easy as sitting them down and saying, "This is the new roommate. Treat her nice. You'll both get the same amount of food, water, love and toys."

It took almost two month for Hans to get along with Merlin and L.S. The hissing and hiding were what we had to deal with, along a few minor fights. Now all three will eat lunch together, and then clean each other afterwards. (I never expected them to get along that well! I was ready to give up on Hans a few times, but he really proved me wrong.)

Following introduction procedures again (the link that Lorie D. provided) should help the process along. I also found using positive reinforcement (yummy cat treats) when the cats are around each other and acting rather normal can help, too.
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