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I rescued "Sheba" who was also an outside cat. She was pregnant and was not used to the litter box. She would scratch around in it for ages and then lay in it. She cried constantly to be let out. While she was in the box I would take her paws and go through the "cover up" motions so she would get used to it. She finally got the hang of it. To stop her from laying in the box (I also assumed she was nesting) I took a large very soft towel and placed in my dog's cage. I kept putting Sheba in the cage and blocked the opening with my hands for a few minutes so she couldn't get out. Eventually she layed down. If I got up though she would leave. It took some patience!! Sometimes I would have to stay awhile and just keep petting her (I figured this would get her scent on the towel so she would want to go there when it was time to give birth). It worked and she gave birth in the cage. Her crying continued until the babies came. She was so attentive to them that I think she forgot about outside. I only have one of her babies left who is 3 months old and the both of them sit in the window and look but no crying. Also, I got Sheba spayed and she has seems calmer. Hope this helps.
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MommaKitty is doing much better since we started to let her stay out of the cage all the time and have the whole room to herself. She can go in it whenever she wants. The litter problem has been resolved, too.
She still has her moments when she cries to go out but she seems to be getting used to inside life. She'll probably like it even better when she is allowed to go anywhere in the house. She has a lot of company in "her" room. It's where the computer is!!
Thank you for sharing your experience with me. It's nice to know others have gone through the same thing and got through it OK.
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Bellafig - that is a nice story and THANMK YOU from my house for rescuing this little fur ball named Sheba (my pups name!) and giving her as well as one of her babies a good home. I would like to hear more about how she and the little one are doing! Any pics?
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