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Got a Roomba for Christmas!

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I can't wait to see if this thing really works. My mom is so excited. She got it for us and if it works OK, she's getting one for herself. Also, the entire rest of my neighborhood is also waiting for the verdict! If it can suck up the cat hair tumble weeds from my house, it will be worth it.

Does anyone have one of these? Do you like it? I'll be sure to post my review in a few days!
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Hey, the heck with how it sucks up cat hair. I want to hear the cats react to it! I mean, here's this flat thingy moving on its own around the room...
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We just got one too, from my bf's mom--I'll be so psyched it it works. I hate vacuuming.
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Oooh exciting... all I got was a Swiffer, which I'm somewhat disappointed in. Let us know how the Roomba works out!
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Post some pics of it with your kitty
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I too am wondering how well it works...keep us posted!
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Yes, please let us know if the Roomba is a miracle machine and we humans will never have to lift a finger to vacuum again. I saw the new model advertised on the Home Shopping Network and it was supposed to have twice the power of the original. I think it was supposed to hold more in it's waste tray. Apparently, there is some accessory that you can buy called a docking station and Roomba is supposed to be smart enough to know when it needs to re-charge itself.
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I can't wait to hear the verdict. Somehow I picture panicky cats running from it!
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Well, we've had it for two days and I must say it does a pretty good job on the cat hair and miscellaneous dirt that pops up in the house. It's not going to replace a good, old fashioned vacuum, but for day to day dirt, it seems to work fine!

The cats weren't sure what to make of it. The first time we used it, they walked around behind it, stalking it, then when it would bump a wall, turn around and come at them, they would take off!! (My brave boys - NOT)

They seem to be getting a bit blase about it now. They let it do its thing and get out of the way when it comes at them.
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I would love to see them hop on to the Roomba for a free ride... if it ever happens, please take pictures!

Thanks for the review!
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i want to see the roomba i want to see it work maybe i need one to
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Is this like a Vacuum cleaner that moves around by itself?

Oh you Americans - I love vacuuming!
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OK, you've had time to play with your Roomba. How well does it vacuum up cat hair?
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I'm curious to know if it really gets the entire floor.
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