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Kitten Pacifier?

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I have a little 6 weeks old kitten with me that really misses his mommy's nipples... He is well fed, clean and overall a very happy little fellow but he keeps looking for places to suck from. So far his favorite spot is seems to be my nose and generally my face (I am working from my bed, lying down and the little one is all over me and it's not very comfortable.

He doesn't take to sucking from clothes or wool like other cats I know. I wish I had something like a baby's pacifier that would fit into a tiny kitten mouth.

Any ideas anyone?
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I rescued a 4 week old kitten from the pound. He had the same habit. But I let him suck on my thumb. He simply curled up in my hand (he was tiny) and sucked away on it. He would fall asleep like that. Ya know, I've always said someone should invent a kitty pacifier. Think of the money we could make!!

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I usually take a small soft cloth, bunch it up and tie it off then soak it in warm sugar water. Kitty licks and suckles that and leaves my chin, nose, or finger or whatever alone. I had always thought how cool it would be to make a small stuffie that had pacifiers attached to his feet and paws...=) The kitty could nestle down and suck to his or her hearts content.
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