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Record Setting Christmas

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I'm sure most of you have seen or heard about our heavy snow here along the Ohio River Valley. Even the national news has been mentioning the Evansville area and about the folks being rescued from their vehicles on Interstate 64.

I know of 2 records set and one may fall tomorrow morning.

Record #1 is the most snow in a 24 hour period - 19.3 inches. Previous record 10.9 inches in 1993.

We tied the record for most snow in one event - 22.3 inches first set in January 1918. But that was over a 3 day period, where this accumulated in 2 days.

Record #3 may be the lowest temp for December 25. Reports have it at -9 degrees F set in 1989 (I remember that - it was my Dad's last Christmas). It appears we will probably set a new low as of this hour it is already about -4.

Mom and I have yet to dig out as the cold air is hard on my lungs since I had pneumonia in 1990. My sis did come by in her SUV - a Ford Excursion - and made some tracks in our drive. She also carved a path across the porch and the steps to the walkway. I guess it'll be up to me to finish the walk and clear off the van when it gets warmer.

She came to deliver some Christmas presents including a DVD-VCR and some movies. We usually gather with family tonight or tomorrow, but my niece is hosting this year and it will be New Year's Day when we finally get together. I hope to be dug out by then. Wish me luck.

White Christmases are extremely overrated... But that is my opinion.
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Wow! That IS a lot of snow. I'm sorry it's turned out to be more of a hassle than a Christmas gift!
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I've never lived where it snows, but I never liked the thought of being surrounded by so much cold!
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It's 10 degrees F at the time and I haven't heard if we set a temp record.

BTW, our mailbox was a victim of the snowplows and so it and any mail (from Wednesday maybe) is buried in the snow beside the post. At least I hope it is. The box was new in 2002 (previous box was put up by Dad in the early 1960s) and has been knocked off at least once each winter. Sigh.

I hear some places in Texas are getting their first white Christmas in recorded history.
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Well, I woke up to -6 and we have about 14 inches of snow on the ground. The -6 was no record and either is the snow. I live in the snow belt of northeast ohio and 1 or 2 feet of snow is very common. I think the record their was back about 6 years ago, this area got 72 inches of snow in 36 hours. It sure was cold going to work this morning however brrrrrr.
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Our mailbox was a casualty of kids on 4 wheelers running up and down the street.
Looks like he slid into it in the snow.
It's still laying there.
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im very happy that we havent had this much snow.
It snowed here and it was horrible for me!!
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I can't even see where ours is. The Sunday paper is at the end of the drive and I have about 30 more feet before I can get to it. Sis' tire tracks helped, but I still have to do dome digging.

I'm sick of this snow.
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Jan, snow in Indiana & Ohio has even been making the international news, and of course the snow fall in Texas.

And NZ has just made a record as well we have had the coldest month of December(recorded) since the mid 1800's, and it is supposed to be Summer! BRRRRR!
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Wow, Sam! We made the international news? I know there were lots of reports about rescuing stranded motorists on the interstate highway. Framers even got out their equipment to help the state highway department clear the road.

Sorry to hear about your cold weather. Gives you a good reason to cuddle with the kitties!

The DVD player is plugged into the electric outlet, but that's all. After reading the instruction manual, I'm still not sure what hooks up to what! I'll try again today.
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Yes, the snow there has been making the international news! At least you still have power - thousands of homes apparently don't. Hope you get "dug out" some time this week!
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Oh Jan I feel for you. Wish I could help dig you out. We ourselves have 18 inches with very frigid temps.............Im glad we had a white Christmas, but I want this all to go away and be warm again on Jan 1!!
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Yup Jan it did. Actually today would have to the hottest day we have had all summer! Hopefully the weather is looking up! Although we do have rain forecasted for the rest of the week.
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I finally got to our Sunday paper and read that we did set a record for Christmas Day, -11 degrees F!

Now we are to have a warmup starting Tuesday with temps in the 50s. Hope the snow is gone and that's it for winter! Yeah, I know that's dreaming, but I'm tired of it!
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As for the mailbox, I found it and pulled it out of the side of the drive. No mail, and Sis had just missed it by mere inches when she pulled in on Friday. It appears repairable, but we'll see.
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Bummer bout the letter box Jan! Now snow, clear off - Auntie Jan doesn't like you! Hopefully your weather "cheers up" soon.
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