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need reassurance

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OK more on the introduction of a now 18 moth old bengal boy (Loki) and a 4 1/2 yr. Somali girl (Piper). I have been following all guidlines kindly provided by lotsocats which are wonderful.
Ok just a quck summary - I now have them seperated most of the time but they do take turn roaming the house for her to get aquainted with the house and the smell and vise versa for Loki. No matter how careful I am Loki did manage to squeek past me into the Den where I keep her. This time she was in the middle of the room - he ran towards her all exited, she assumed what I would call a submissive possition looking up at him and hissed, he was hovering over her, no hissing or swating on his end. I let them be for what seemed the longest 60 seconds of my life, no movement on both sides. I gentle picked him up without much protest and off we went. He did wiggle out of my arms once and the same scenario happened again. What do you guys think? I would not consider this bad - right - would you? Your input and experience is as always appreciated.......right now I can use all the encouragement I need. Thanks
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It sure sounds to me like Loki and Piper are ready to spend time together. Since Loki is saying "I'm the top guy" without being physically aggressive and Piper is saying "Okay, you're the dominant one" without getting hurt, I think it is time for them to be together so they can finish working out their relationship.

As I've mentioned in the past, make sure their interactions are as pleasant as possible, so try playing with them while they're both out (or if you've figured out a treat they like use that). If Loki becomes aggressive, simply squirt him or shout No! or toss a pillow. It might not be good to pick him up because that might lead him to attack you (not on purpose...just instinct).

So, anyway....try letting them out together while you're in the room. Expect hissing and growling -- that is normal. Step in if it looks like it is going to turn into physical aggression. Figure out a way for Loki to hiss and then stop without hurting his pride (like maybe stepping in between the two). He may not want to just walk away because he wants her to know he's tough!

I think they're ready! Are you?
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lotsocats always has such great practical advice, you can never go wrong there. They are plenty ready to interact and it sounds like they already know who the alpha will be. That may change in time as they grow and interact together, but they sound like great fun and I HOPE you will take pictures and share them with us.
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thanks soooo much - to answer your question am I ready?

Hell NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I do want to wait until this weekend to proceed further. Loki is getting his claws trimmed down on Saturday - you should see the size of them just in case and I will feel much more comfortable. As you said he might react out of instinct and those claws could do quite a bit of damage.

Again couldn't do this without your support!!! It is very much appreciated..

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