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Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, gayef!

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Wow, a double celebration! I wish you Happy Holidays, a very special day, and a terrific year to come!
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Merry christmas and Birthday!!!
hey do they like give you one present instead of two?

If not ill send you a 1000
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Have a very Happy Birthday. Have two presents one for B-day and one for Xmas cause you know you get cheated every year on that
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Merry Birthday! Happy Christmas! Have a splendid time!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!
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Happy birthday fellow December baby. I hope your birthday is the best for you.

On a side note... Merry Christmas too
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YAY! Happy birthday!!
Have a wonderful day.. and Happy Holidays
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Hello my friend~

Happy Birthday to you Gaye, I hope your day is special, quiet and comforting~
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Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!!!!
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Happy Birthday, Gaye! Hope you have many, many more!
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Happy Birthday!

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Many happy returns on your special day. Keep smiling, sweetie. I see you are catching up to me in the age department. I volunteer to slow down and wait for you.
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happy birthday merry christmas
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Double celebration! That's nice! Happy birthday!
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Here's to you, gaye, May you be blessed with a cup of Breyers mint chip ice cream soup!
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Happy Day Gaye!

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Happy Birthday, Gaye!!!
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Awwwww! Thanks, Everyone! I woke up this morning to a quiet house (the kittens were all still sleeping as was Maury) and just sat at the kitchen table watching the sun rise over the field ... while I know the sun rises ~every~ morning, I always choose to believe it does so just for me on this day. I am still waiting for the coffee to brew - I picked Cinnamon Hazelnut flavored coffee this morning, Maury can just get over it - and I have a pan of "Breakfast Casserole" waiting for the oven to pre-heat.

Maury gave me my presents last night because he always tries to make Christmas and my birthday two special days ... he is such a considerate man. I use my cell phone a LOT not only for my job but also because ... well ... everybody has my cell number it seems! So, he gave me a car charger for it, one of those nifty "hands-free" headset thingies and a new case that clips on ... and he also gave me a box of my very favorite Russell Stover candy - Cherry Blimps! We watched a movie (The Immortal - it sucked) and played Def Jam on the X-Box. He asked if I wanted to go out to dinner, but the only place I could think of I wanted to have dinner this year was the captain's table and of course, that would involve being on a cruise ship so that was sort of out of the running. *grin* Maybe next year.

Today's plan is to have a quiet, relaxing, do-nothing sort of day. We are supposed to go to my mom's house later on this afternoon but until then, my butt is planted firmly in the recliner with a blankie and the babies, dozing and reading.

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes and for the Christmas cheer!

Merry Christmas to ALL!

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Happy birthday Gaye! Sounds like a great gift - should keep you talking AND driving safely I like your birthday plans - enjoy your special day!
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Happy Birthday and Merry Christams Gaye! Sounds like you had a good time, and maybe you'll get that cruise soon *cross your fingers*
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Happy Birthday Gaye! How wonderful of Maury to make sure you know how special YOUR day is, in addition to Christmas! You certainly deserve it!!!!
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Happy Birthday Gaye! Sounds like you do have a "keeper" there, LOL! That IS a thoughtful thing to do, and it sounds like a wonderful gift to boot.

Hope you had great Christmas celebration AND a great birthday! The day you planned sounds like my kind of ideal day.
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Happy Birthday Gaye!! Sounds like you are a having a wonderful day.
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