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Holiday Story

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"CAT CROSSES SIBERIA TO GET HOME:" (12/08/04): "A Russian family has been reunited with their pet cat after it made a 1,300 mile trek across Siberia to get home. The two-year-old male cat called Kuzya ran away from the Efremov family when they took him with them from Olenyok to Yakutsk in eastern Russia for the summer. After weeks of searching they finally decided the cat was dead and set off back to Olenyok at the end of the summer. But the Regnum news agency reported that three months later the cat turned up on the doorstep, tired and thin but otherwise healthy. One of the Efremov family said: "There were bite marks on the cat's tail and his claws had been worn away to nothing. He is also nervous now about going
outside - and always seems to be looking for a safe hiding place.

"It's unbelievable that he made it across Siberian woods and hills and crossed rivers and lakes to get home."

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Wow! What an amazing cat!
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what a great story! it brought a smile to my face.
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