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how many maine coon owners here?

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forgive me if there is a better place to have asked this but I am new and didn't find a maine coon section so thought I would informally ask.

Bast is a maine coon and she is our darling. We wanted to see pics of anyone else's coon kitties!
here is our girl!

I need to load another pic of her on picturetrail! LOL


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Awww, Bast is beautiful!!

I think my Chuckie is part Maine Coon, here's his pic:

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Oh my gosh they are so adorable i just want to cuddle them and have their hair!

I apparently have a short domestic black cat but im sure he has something in his vains
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My darling, docile Franz is part Maine Coon, about 9 or 10 years old. He is not a lap cat, but he loves to cuddle in bed. He is about 18/19 lbs...and puts up lovingly with his Tabby-Tiger "sister" Madeline (Maddie) who is just over a year. He loves, no adores belly rubs and stretches out to his full length of about 22 inches-minus his fluffy long tail! He is a true gentleman...NEVER begs for people food. unlike Maddie who was a former street cat.

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aahhh.. i dont have a maine coon.. but i love the breed.. they are just soo awesome....
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Here's Franz's sister Maddie...my girl is partially blind in her remaining eye but believe me she doesn't miss a trick!

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Molly is part Maine coon, and she's Very like the breed. She's only 1/4, though, But she's quite long
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We're not sure about Luvbug but he may be part MCC or maybe some NFC but it's hard to say. He's about 4 years old and a real charmer.
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My mother and her Fiance have a Maine Coon named Kooter, and he is beautiful.
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i am going to own a maine coon hehehe not yet a owner...
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