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Todays radio question: 12/24/04

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Did you overspend on your holiday gift buying?
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no, definitley not. I try to enjoy the holidays for other reasons and not for how much you can spend on material things.
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i spent all the money i had.. but that wasnt much.. plus it was christmas money from people.. soo, it wasnt like i had it before.. so o well!
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I think i did a little bit.
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Nope. To be honest, our family traditions are more important to the enjoyment of Christmas than the gifts we receive. Some of the wider family try to make it a competition as to who has spent the most, but that just makes me uncomfortable.
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I actually stayed beneath budget and have a bit left! A first for me
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No overspending this year
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well not to bad but wish i hadn't spent as much as i did oh well guess i'll cut back for two months
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Well I haven't totalled the damage yet, but I think it will be survivable.
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No, I didn't overspend this year.
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Oh, definitely. I overspent!
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when you start with nothing to spend, then buy things... you overspent
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tried to stay within some budget...
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spent all the money I had.. but that wasn't much so that's ok!
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