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what to wear ?

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I'm going for an hour long massage today I have never had one. But, for those who have, what do you wear? Do they cover you with a sheet of some sort?
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a bath suit? .....
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I usually strip down to my underwear and then cover myself with the sheet when I lie down. The massage therapist will knock on the door and then come in.

They generally start on the shoulders/neck area. When they move from part to part (leg, arm) they will uncover that part for the massage - they really want you to be comfortable.

May I suggest that you ask them first for a scalp massage - it feels soooooooo good ! It is an instant tension reliever (especially when I start laughing )
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Loose and comfy - you will be in your undies with a warm blanket on you - but you want to be comfy after the are done.
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Usually in your undies. Wear what you feel comfortable in.
I'm not too keen on massage but I know people who feel great after.
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When I got a facial I had to only wear my panties as well. I thought that was quite odd since they were working on my face...but I'd love to get a massage some time!
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I have been seeing a deep tissue massage therapist for over 4 years now. When I first started w/her I wore just white cotton undies (TMI!!) but after trust and comfort were built up I wore nothing - and she works much more efficiently that way. If it's just a spa package you are doing or a one-time thing--? then simple underwear is just fine. It's what works for you is most important as it's your treatment and time for stress release and relaxtion.
ENJOY. It's my favorite thing!
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well massages hurt like hell on me. For me its juse like they are punching in between the ribs. I only get my bf to like tickle my back thing hehe.
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