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Need Advice on Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)

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Monday night I noticed one of Lola’s kittens (although 7 months old isn’t really still a kitten) sneezing a bit. Once he crawled onto me I realized that his paws, ears, and entire little body were pretty warm. He sounded a bit congested and occasionally breathed through his mouth when his nose was especially stuffy.

I had already asked to take Tuesday off as a sick day for myself, so after checking on Patch in the morning, I made a vet appointment to get him checked out. By this point he had a runny nose (clear discharge) and a bit of a runny eye as well. It was obvious he was a bit sicker than the night before.

I helped while the vet tech took his temperature and tried not to get too panicky when she said he had a pretty high fever, ~105 F. The vet then checked him over, said his lungs sounded clear and thought perhaps the virus was concentrating it’s efforts on his sinuses. She believed it was just a classic viral URI (although I have absolutely NO idea where he would have gotten it from since all of the cats are indoor only and none have come into contact with anyone else since their spay/neuter dates in mid November). She sent us home with some antibiotics (Baytril to be exact) and just recommended that he take one every day to prevent any bacterial infections from taking a hold while his system was compromised from the virus.

Somehow Nate and I managed to pill him Wed and Thursday and he actually seemed quite a bit better. Last night however he started sneezing a bit again and this morning he seems really congested. I plan on calling the vet again, I’m just wondering if there is anything in particular they should/should not be doing for this little guy. He’s been in good spirits so far, well hydrated, eating and drinking without a problem, but he’s also been really run down, spending most of the day lying about trying to get better and I’d really like to get him healed quickly before things get any worse.

So…what should I be expecting the vet to do? Are there any things I should specifically be asking them? Is there anything I can do at home to make him feel better?

I’m sure a lot of you have experience with this so I look forward to hearing your advice. Thanks!

Patch and his dog buddy Dalton
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I would recomend that you put the rascal in a room with a cool air humidifyer. This is contagious so maybe a seperate room all to himself until the symptoms are gone as well as the medication. Remember the meds are not for the sneezing or conjestion it is just to prevent an infection. Lots of fluids and extra wet food to keep him hydrated, and allow him to sleep as much as he can.
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I once had a barn cat that actually had pneumonia and URI. He was quite ill for 1-2 months. As I got him in November he spent lots of time laying in front of the wood stove. I used a warm washcloth to wipe off the goop from his eyes and nose. Give moist cat food for extra fluids. I also a few years ago when to one of the bookstore chains and looked thru all the cat care books and bought one to use as a reference. Do you have one?? Hope he feels better soon.
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There really isn't much more the vet can do. The antibiotics don't treat the URI itself, just help to prevent bacterial superinfections. Humidified air might help as Teresa suggested, and you can ask you vet for a decongestant so that he can still breathe well and smell his food. Cats are triggered to eat by the smell, so when they are stuffed up they tend to not eat. As long as he eats well, stays hydrated and gets lots of rest, nature should heal him, over time. I wouldn't worry about isolating him at this stage, everyone has been exposed. Becky
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