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I'm going to be up all night.....

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It's 30 degrees here but with the wind chill, it's 19 so I brought my big labordor (who has cancer and epilepsy) inside. Well, when I did, Sophia ran out and in my attempts to find her, Goose took off too.

So now, I have a huge dog in my laundry room and have finally convinced Sophia to come back in but Goose is still out there. We put hay in the flowerbeds where they've been napping during the day and that's where he is. I can't reach him because of thorns he is surrounded by (don't ask me what kind of bush it is but it hurts and you can't get the thorns out easily). I don't understand why they pick this bush to lay behind but for some reason they have..

I'm really worried about him.....do you think he'll be alright if he doesn't come in? I'm going to try again but he just looks at me like, "What's your problem? I'm comfy and I'm not getting up!"

I have fixed them boxes as well with hay in it and placed it in the carport out of the wind.....I think he'll be ok? He's not afraid of my dog...Sophia is more paranoid about him than Goose. But my dog isn't the least bit interested in them, that's the funny part! Goose has been inside several times with the dog and they have even napped together so it''s not that....I'm starting to think he's just lazy?
What do you guys think? Will he be ok? I'm going to try again....
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Hi Catherine, yes~~ for LA you sure are cold! Which part? I spent some time in New Orleans awhile back and also around Metarie. Other places across Lk Ponchatrain. I love your area. Incredible food and people, both ....so I don't know where you are in your state, but if it's that cold and your kitties aren't used to it then of course try and get them in, as it's below freezing. Also, I don't know exactly what kind of critters lurk around there in the night. Put food out very close to a door and see if that helps if they aren't reponding, and also lay blankets out as close to the door as you can. Good luck and keep us posted. It does sound like you'll have your hands full a bit~~~
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You can try nuking the food in the microwave for a few seconds to wake up the flavor and see if that might tempt Goose to come inside. But if he has hay, and seems to have settled for the night he should be okay
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Please come inside, Goose!
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Goose!!! dont be mean to hide behind that ouchy bush!! come inside where mama wants to pet you
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My bad night turned into a horrible day!!!! Well, let me finish the story about last night first.......I did get Goose inside around 1:30 am sorry, I was too tired to post again.

Well, my husband left for work at 6am and put the dog outside and his water bowl and frozen over so he decided to get a drink of water by ripping the pipe off!!!! I got up at 7:30 to a flood in my backyard. The way that the pipe broke, it left part of the thread inside the pipe in the ground. I started trying to fix it at 7:30 after a run to the hardware store and a visit to a neighbor for a shovel. He insited on helping , he didn't have to do that...his daughter is in town form France. He's such a nice guy! Anyway.....we finially got it fixed after it started raining ice on us! It's now 11:00....half the day is gone!

Elizabeth -
I'm in Lafayette, about an hour and a half from New Orleans. My grandfather had a house in Metarie!! You are right, I love the culture here.....we have some really good food in Louisiana!

Well, I'm off to the shower....I'm full of mud (was trying to warm up first!)

i hope you all have a great Christmas and a MUCH better Christmas Eve than I've had!
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Catherine, any update on Goosie yet???
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