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Originally Posted by hissy
We just got back from the doctor. Thankfully this doctor is old-fashioned, won't put up with bs and gave Mike a stern lecture. He also gave me everything i need to tend to the wound myself at home along with detailed instructions of what to look for if something goes wrong. But he says although it is still infected, it is not in the danger zone right now, and he doesn't see the sense in us coming in every two days spending gobs of money on something I can tend to myself. So that is a relief. He re-weighed mike on their scales, and Mike has dropped 22 pounds. The doctor told him to keep it up- and if I have anything to do with it, we will. He seriously has about 150 or more pounds to lose and the doc said that if he can drop the weight, the diabetes will go away as well. )probably)
Congratulations on losing weight and on getting Mike in the safety zone with his wounds! HUGE accomplishments. Do you think all the stress you two have been through accelerated the weight loss? If so, don't get discouraged by gaining some pounds back. Keep the long-term goal in mind: healthy lifestyle.

My mom got her ex-boyfriend into jogging and his Diabetes went into reversal so I know that can happen. When Mike gets healthy again, maybe you two can start doing a daily walk together?

In any case, I'm so glad to hear you two are doing better!

Merry Christmas, MA and Mike!
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I don't think I am handling the stress well. My right eye has developed a tic and this morning when I looked in the mirror, my hair is much more gray than I remembered it to be!
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Wow - the 22-lb. loss is a good start! Even if he only loses half of the 150 lbs., it should benefit his health. That news must have been a wonderful Christmas present. WTG, Mike. And congratulations to you, M.A.!
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