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just needed to share something I'm please about

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Since I posted yesterday about how mad I was about my sister-in-laws gift shipment (it's running late and might not get here on time tomorrow), I thought I'd post some GOOD news

My husband is really into Kung Fu movies right now, has always been fascinated with ancient Asian culture, and wants to do a room in our house in Asain decor. Every year I manage to totally blow him away with a surprise x-mas gift.

This year I ordered online from this company called Gift and Glass (www.giftandglass.com) -- I found these Samurai Swords & Sheaths and since I'd heard they were expensive, was surprised at the price (just under $100 for two). I purchase them figuring I could always return them.

Well they came today. I waited until my hub was a sleep a little while ago and just opened them up. They are INCREDIBLE! I'm no expert, but they seem well made... heavy... strong, and just beautiful. The metal swords themselves are steel and are oiled inside the sheaths, which on their own are gorgeous. He's not a collector of this stuff, so authenticity isn't all that important, but they look simply amazing.

I have no doubt I'll blow him away again this year

Here's a picture:

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Looks to me as if you are on your way to another winner gift. Congratulations!! They look wonderful. I hope he's as impressed as I am.
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You did some fantastic shopping, there, Amy! Your husband is going to love it!
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Thanks Fran and Dawn. I'm always trying to top myself with the next gift I get him, and I think this is a good one! I could not be more pleased than I am!
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Very nice, Mike was asked last year to restore a samuri sword for a gentleman. It took him a long time to get it right, but the end result was quite impressive.

I know that your husband will be thrilled with these lovely additions to his room- Have fun wrapping them!
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Heheheh Hissy... luckily, they were packed in a nice BOX so wrapping them wasn't too difficult... will throw him off too!

That's interesting that Mike restored one... I imagine that top quality authentic (or collector's) ones are quite expensive and beautiful. I've heard they can run into thousands of dollars easily. Does Mike restore a lot of swords or collect them?
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A lovely gift - I think you're onto a winner there!!
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ohh how nice, well i dont think iw ould be buying them because..
Either one of my parents would take them and start attacking each other with it haha!
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