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Ok here is Samson! He has one blue eye and one gold eye. He is also deaf.

This is Samson's sister Vanna!

Trouble helping me wrap presents

Max is the king of the house!!! Doesnt do very much but look like he owns everyone!

I just had to post a picture of Scoobie cause I just cant resist her face and she is so slow moving its easy to take pictures of her.

I dont have any new pictures of Simon my persian but I will soon.
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Great pix! Happy Holidays
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What great pictures... I love Samson and his different colored eye... Vanna looks adorable and Trouble... what a fantastic name! Plus Max, the king... awesome!

Can't wait to see some of Simon!
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I love Scoobie's ears. Looks like she should be able to fly with them. I bet the cats find them irresistable. Becky
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Originally Posted by snsorap5
All of your kitties are just beautiful! But Trouble reminds me of a "grown-up" Thomas! (maybe a little darker)
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Thank you!
Trouble was named Angel when we first adopted her from Petsmart. I think it took 3 days to change the name! 5yrs later she still lives up to her name.
I have never had a cat that can both growl and purr at the same time. But I'm telling you she does just that. They told us she was a rescue kitten from a feral colony in Virginia where my husband was stationed and I think she kept alot of her feral instincts. Of the five cats, I would say she has only bonded with me and my husband. She likes the boys just fine but would much rather stay out of everyones reach.
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Beautiful, beautiful babies!! They are all just precious!
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Very cute all off them
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Aww BEAUTIFUL babies!!!!
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Max looks exactly like my cat Simon! I have a weakness for siamese cats.. lol

Lovely pictures..

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Thank you everyone.
I love them lots.
I showed the ladies at work and they just say WOW how many cats do you have? Like I'm some weird cat lady!! Thats why I love this site so much!!!
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OH My god Samson and all your cats are adorable. Samson is a splitting iMage of ally but looks more masculine than her. I love all your cats its just so cool to see another multi eyed cat like my precious ally!
Thanks for posting those!!
Kristi and Ally
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