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Gosh, such sweet and pretty cats. At least, they pose very sweetly, I know they can be terrors when they are kittens.

So now for all the questions:

I'm curious about your name. I'm thinking it means, "someone who love Chinese things", but perhaps it is an Italian name so I haven't heard it before.

Violetta has the most loving expression in that picture with the keyboard. Does it really take her so long to eat? Why does the flatness of her face affect that?

Lucia really does have a sort of "don't mess with me" look, doesn't she? How interesting that you chose her for looking angry and being wild! Most people would stay away from that kind of cat. Are the black marks under her eyes on her fur, or from her eyes running a little? My husband had some pet-quality that I used to clean their eyes every day, so I know that happens sometimes. Her uncle Omero looks like our Blackie, except ours is just a regular domestic cat with long hair.

Francis looks very loveable too with her owlish little face and big eyes. I didn't know Scottish folds could raise their ears like that! I didn't know there were muscles in cats' ears to do that, I thought they were all near the head.

What lovely pets you have. Thanks for posting them.
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To nena: Leeks should be the translation for "porri". Let me see what the dictionary says... "leek" or "spring onion" or "scallion". But scallion is something different, it is halfway between onion and garlic. Leeks are long and have green leaves, the taste is similar to onion.
I adore garlic and I use it anywhere I can. There are many nice sauces you can do with garlic, to put on roasted bread. And there's hummus (is it Arabian?), which is a cream of chickpeas with the juice of a lemon and a lot of crushed garlic.
Garlic seems to be a natural disinfectant for intestine, especially if you eat it raw..

To sunlion:
sinophilia means exactly what you say, it's the love for China and it's the name of my website (http://www.sinophilia.org) on Chinese culture.
Flat-faced persians really take a lot to eat, they cannot grab food easily. But it seems to me that all cats take a lot to put something in their mouths, they drop food a thousand times! Violetta seems sweet... but she's a real pest! We adore her.
Yes, Lucia eyes are always running. I clean her every time I can, sometimes it's better, sometimes worse. She's not flat-faced actually, but she wasn't bred by an expert breeder - it seems like Violetta's eyes run much less even if she's extreme. I love Lucia's look! Anyway she's very nice and always meowing and raising her tail to be picked up. We had to take her very young so she's always looking for a mummy.
I didn't know folds can move their ears either! When Francis did that I was shocked. That's why judges in expositions should know the breed to understand whether the cat is raising its ears of the ears are not expo quality.

I'd like to write more but am in a hurry now.
Thank you all,
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Welcome Diana
And your babies are beautiful. yet another cat lover Wahoo..
And Hugs from down under.
Tish, Mishka, Roxy-babe- and Monty
Ooooops almost forgot from the human side of the family.
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