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New members from Italy

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Hi there,
I just registered myself and my 3 kitties to this site.
In case you want to know us, you can check this URL:


We live in Verona (town of Romeo&Juliet etc. etc.), Italy.
Are you all American out there?
What about your cats?

cats Violetta, Lucia & Francis
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diana - let's have a big catsite welcome party for you!

:tounge2: :blossom: :girlie: :egypt: :dali: :dali: :chicken: :chicken: :homer: :jarswim: :jarswim: :icecream: :karate: :karate: :pinky:

WHEW - That was some party - I am pooped!

Enjoy your visits and please post often - I am now off to see your fur babies! Meow to you and yours.
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Had to come back and tell you how gorgeous and stunning your babies are!
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WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Welcome welcome!!! ooooh the oh so romantic city of Verona....my sister just came back from a holiday there!!! Most of us lot are American but there are also a few of us sneaky Brits popping in here too - like me!! I think we've a few people from lots of different places!! - However, I think you are unique in Italy!! Hope to see you here lots and Im going to take a peek at your web site now!!, oh but before I go, theres a couple more here for the party.... :tounge2: :pinky: :pinky: :blubturq: :baloon: :blubturq:

I've looked, and I've loved!!! They are ADORABLE!!!
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Diana, Welcome to The Cat Site!!
Your cats are beautiful!!
My cat family grew quite unexpectedly over the summer. We originally had 3 kitties. Back in June our 17 year old kitty, Dusty, went to kitty heaven. That left us with Spooky and Speckals (6 year old black and tortie brother and sister).
Around the middle of July we found out there was a momma cat and her 3 kittens living under our porch. We recently caught them and brought them into the house. Hopefully we can find them new homes. The momma cat got herself pregnant again and is due any day now, I think.
We also took in another young kitty about a month ago that was a stray. She looks just like a Russian Blue except for her gray paw pads. We are going to keep her. (I'd like to keep them all but hubby says 3 is the limit).
I hope you enjoy it here. It's a great place with a lot of great people!!
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Hi and welcome. Your cats are gorgeous. I especially love the Scottish Fold.
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I am 100% Italian! Both of my parents come from Capestrano in the Province of L'Aquila. I've been there to visit and I LOVE IT. I have a lot of family still there, my aunt is in Chieti and my Grandfather is in a town just outside of Capestrano ( I can't remember the name right now !! ) I live here in the US, but I am very familiar w/ Italian culture!
Welcome to the Cat Site.
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Diana Welcome!!!!

Your babies are beautiful. I have a female 5 year old kitty from a shelter. I have had her for only 3 weeks, but she has stolen my heart.

I am part Italian. Ever heard of the Palazzo Moro-Lin in Venice on the Grand Canal? That used to be in my family. Also one of my ancestors (Cristoforo Moro, whom no one liked, cause he was mean :LOL: ) was Doge of Venice once. (forgot the date off-hand)

I went to Venice, Florence and Rome for my honeymoon almost 9 years ago, and FELL IN LOVE with Italy.
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Welcome to The Cat Site Diana Your kittens are beautiful!!

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Wow, how nice you are ! So I hope you will forgive my English when it's bad.

The kittens wish to send their love to you all.

I guess most of you have cats from shelters, that's great. As soon as I moved out to a home of my own I really couldn't help buying my 2 purebred kittens - had seen too many pictures of these breeds and had longed for them all the time. But I think I have room for another couple of cats if I find one in need.

Each cat has their unique character but I want to tell you how sweet Scottish Folds are - Francis is my first one and she is absolutely wonderful, chirping all the time as she follows me around the house.
Hope to get more scottish kittens from her when she's grown!

Bye for now,
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Your English is fine!!! Don't worry!! :LOL: :LOL:
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Im with Vjoy!! - Your English sounds fine to me hun!! I have two pure-bred cats too, I have a black Cornish Rex named Monty, (he's nuts,- loves to headbutt everything!?!) and I have 1 Chocolate Tortie Point Birman named Brandy,- she's only 8 months old and she's still teeeny weeeny....ha ha. I also have 3 other kitties which are all rescues - but I love them all just as much!! I LOOOOOVE Scottish Fold cats, - if you ever have any kittens - let me know first!!!
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Diana and kittens, I too, want to be part of the party. Don't worry, your english is great. I am a mexican living in the usa. I love Italy and I love their food. I hope to visit Italy someday. All of you Italians out there, when you have time, please send me some recipes. I used to have a cat but it ran away and then it got killed. I will be getting another one soon.

Welcome!!! Your babies are adorable!
:blossom: :girlie: :dali: :eye&mouth :pinky: :icecream: :martian: :blubturq:

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I am so sorry to hear about your kitty! But your new kitty will be blessed by your love.

I like all your party characters. Is there a twister game in there somewhere? :LOL: :LOL:
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... and I adore Birmans! Always wanted to get one. Where can I see a picture of Brandy?

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Hiya!! You can see a picture of my baby Brandy in an old thread called "Monty Bodlovers lovely Cornish Rex" I think it was something like that....there are pictures of all my babies on there, except one who seems to be camera shy!!! You'll have to go back a loooong way in the Cat Lounge forum to find it I think!! I'll see if I can find it for you and bring it to the top...... Brandy looks a bit manky in the pictures though cos we just flea sprayed her and it ruined her fur!!! hee hee, though the poor little might is not very well at the moment ......snif.....I am about to make a vets appointment for her....

Enjoy the pics!!! (If we can find them!!)
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Welcome Diana!
Your cats are stunning, and their names are so musical
Italian is such a beautiful language, it seems anything you say in it sounds like poetry!
Your pics are so nicely done, the backgrounds and poses look professinal. Did you take them yourself, and if so, are you a photographer?

I'm having trouble naming one of my kittens, maybe you could help me with an Italian translation, if it isn't too much trouble?

Welcome again to our little family!
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Yes I've taken the pictures myself - actually I used a very old digital camera with a low resolution and the first pics I took were all dark and ugly. I'm not a photographer, I wish I was! But I love to experiment and something good comes out once in a while! If you have time, there are quite a lot of pictures taken by me and Anna during our staying in China at this URL:


I have a nice picture of a Chinese cata but didn't put it on the site, maybe I'll try to post it here sooner or later.

About the names... it's been hard to find out fitting names for our kittens! Actually Francis was named by her breeder, while we took Violetta and Lucia from operas (they're the main characters of Traviata and Boheme, respectively ). At first I didn't like to give cats human names, but I think they're nice in the end!
How can I help you with your kitten? How is s/he like?

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hi diana
i am new to this site as well, i have 2 bengals and 1 maine coon,i loved the pictures of your cats. i live in sussex england and am married to an italian he comes from the avellino area,we are going there next friday for a wedding.
we have been married 22 yrs but this will be the first proper italian wedding i have been to ,so i am really looking forward to it.
the only downside is missing my kitty cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv kerry
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I have 4 kittens, 6 weeks old today, 2 are female, 2 male.
The black and white female I nicknamed LunchBox...she never stops eating :laughing2:
The grey and white Female is called Poppy...she is very agressive and makes a "popping" sound when agitated (which is often)
The Siamese lilac point male is called Louie...for Lewis of Lewis and Clark, 2 pioneers on the west coast of the USA, because he is the most advanced and explorative of the litter.

The one I'm struggling with is the smallest of the litter, he is a male Siamese, very dark points (seal?), very affectionate, but small and slow to progress.

I'm trying to name him something that suits him now, but that will not sound silly when he is grown, as I will more than likely be keeping him...he's just too precious to give away!
I feel that although he is homely now, he will be a beautiful cat when he matures.

We have been calling him U.D....for Ugly Duckling...but it just sounds too mean
He is such a lover, but has just yesterday started to eat kitten food and show an interest in the litter box...he is a "runt" in all respects...but so sweet and loving! He has HUGE sky blue eyes, but his face is kind of lumpy, his eyes kind of bug out.
He is white/cream and is almost fluffy...with almost black ears, feet and tail

nay ideas are greatly welcomed!
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Hi there Diana :angel2::daisy:

Nice to have you here at the CatSite! Your cats are sooooo beautiful!!! : I just love your site and your names are very original and very fitting to them

I'm 100% Italian as well My Grandmother was born near the Garda Lake in Brenzone. Her husband in Florence. My Mom's parents were born in Northern Italy, but I'm really not sure of the town. I've never been to Italy, I've been threatening to learn the language forever...Rrrrrrr...I better get with it! Now I'll have someone I can speak it with.. :laughing2 Well, give me at least a couple of months first! :laughing2

Buona notte

Love & Peace

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You're all soo nice! I wish I was really a good photographer. But yes, I must admit that my cats are gorgeous well, there are no ugly cats on earth!

Caterina, if you wish to practice some written Italian, just start writing to me! I think Italian is one of the most difficult languages, even most Italians can't speak or write it properly!
But learning a language is such an interesting challenge, especially when learning opens the door of a whole different culture.
I've been studying Chinese for years, I haven't finished yet (I think one is never done with this terrible language!!) but it's something I would recommend to everybody!!

Nice week to everybody
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Dear Diana :angel2::daisy:

Thank you so much and I will take you up on that, first I'll get a book and cd-rom...then at your most gracious request, I'd love to begin some communication. It is so difficult to learn without speaking to someone else. When my Grandmother was alive, she would help me. To listen to her speak was like listening to the most beautiful nightingale. Not to mention, she would sing Italian songs all the time. She passed away last year, she was 94 years old!! She is terribly missed, but I know I will see her again

I hope to begin soon

Have a wonderful day and rest of the week if I don't see you on here first

Love & Peace,
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Caterina, feel free to write and pm me anytime.
My hometown Verona is very close to the Garda lake, so your Grandmother's accent was probably very close to my own.
In what years did your grandparents go to America?
So sad you never came to Italy. Well now it's not the right time to travel anywhere, I guess, but when you come you'll have a guide. I've also lived in Venice for a few years. Venice and Verona are the world's most beautiful cities, to me... but I'm not nationalist, on the contrary! I don't have a great opinion of us Italians in general. But there are some places here where you can breathe history, and if you can look with eyes different from those of a tourist it can be an unique experience.

Gotta go now...
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Welcome, Diana, from Louisiana, USA. It will be interesting to hear about cat-ventures from Italy. Do your cats eat pasta? Mine eat good old Cajun food. I have two, right now, but would love to have a Bengal like Tiki (look at posts of pictures of her on this board, she is spectacular!) My cats are a Lynx point Siamese- he came to our house 14 years ago, and a yellow tabby from the shelter. We have had many furbabies over the years, most rescued from shelters. We also have 3 dogs, but the cats rule

the roost and keep my big dogs in line. One dog is in training to be a cat, I call him a "dat".

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Hey, does anyone know how to cook a good spagetti meal? I remember my stepfather would cook up a tomato sauce in a big pot and put meatballs and either polish or italian sausage(it is spicy). He would cook the spagetti in a different pot. Or it can be done with shells too. The only way I know how to cook it is just boil the pasta, put some olive oil and salt in the boiling water. I drain the pasta, then open a bottle of the spagetti sauce, and pour some of the sauce into the spagetti with a bit of oregano. Then put some cheese on it. But even though is time conusming, I'd really like to learn how to make real spagetti.

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The way you cook the pasta is okay, provided that you don't wait to drain it when it's too soft and gets sticky (to avoid this, use a lot of water - 1 liter for every 100 g of pasta, so you don't even have to add oil in the water). There are thousands of different sauces you can add to spaghetti. This is the way I cook the classic tomato sauce:
Cut a small onion very thin and brown it into hot olive oil, then add whole or diced peeled tomatoes together with their water (they're sold in cans here, don't know about other countries), add salt, cover the pot leaving a little space so the steam goes out and cook for a long time (from 30 min. to 1 hour, I would say, on very small fire). At the end you can add pepper, paprika and/or parsley, as you like.
A kind of pasta I like is very simple: instead of onion you fry leeks cut in round slices and then add diced bacon. Cover and cook adding a little water until the leeks are soft, it takes only 10-15 minutes.

I'm sorry I don't know the right English verbs to talk about cooking!

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Hi Diana, benvenuto al luogo del gatto! I am half Italian, most of my family comes from Mondello, Sicily, but we have family also in Salerno and Lucca. I went there a couple of years ago, Verona is splendid! I saw your kitties and they are gorgeous. We have 3 also, 2 boys and a girl. We'll have to share pictures of our kitties!
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Thanks Diana. By the way, what are leeks? You don't use any garlic? I love garlic. They say that garlic is a fat burner.
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