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Diarrhea problems- need advice

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I have two 16 week old British Shorthair kittens. They have suffered a bit of diarrhea, and today there were streaks of blood in it. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow, what should I be doing in the meantime? Should I feed them lightly, or not at all? I have removed their food for the time being, but of course kept their water provided for them so they don't dehydrate.
My husband made the appointment, but didn't think to ask about the food situation, and they are now closed for the afternoon.
One of them seems congested, but they both sneeze a lot. I asked the vet over the weekend about their sneezing/congestion, but was told to give it a week as it would probably pass. They seem fine in themselves, healthy appetites and very energetic- so the vet wasn't too worried, but said to bring them back if it didn't improve after a week. He said their prior vaccinations should be taking hold, but they probably just have a little cold. Then the diarrhea started, and now it's streaked with blood. I am very worried now.
Has anyone else experienced this, and should I withhold moist & dry food for the time being, or just give them a little?

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You did not say how long these kittens have had diarrhea? But withholding food from 24-48 hours is the best thing, encourage fluids so the kittens don't get dehydrated, and you can check if they are if you grab some skin loosely on their neck and pinch it, if it remains standing up, then the cats are losing fluids. You can also check their gums for color, if the gums are pinkish-white kind of washed out then they are having problems as well. When you do introduce food back to them, the vet will probably tell you to make it bland food, such as rice (for a little while) There are many things that can cause the diarhhea and the blood is just from them straining to go (usually) But, as I said there are many variables.
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Please let us know what the vet said. Kittens often get diarrea for many reasons, but I'm a bit worried about the blood in it.
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The kittens didn't have diarrhea very long, on and off for a few days, but I withheld their moist food (whiskas kitten that the breeder told me to feed them) and just let them have some of their dry food (a good quality food here in the UK called James Well Beloved), and that seemed to clear it up. I took them to the vet, and one of them has colitis (inflamed colon) which the vet felt was caused by the Whiskas kitten moist food, and they both have a touch of sinusitis~ which could have been an after effect of cat flu that they might have had before they were vaccinated. Of course the breeder never told me about any prior illness. So for the colitis, I was given some Hill's prescription dry food, they said to give them that for a few weeks, then gradually introduce James Well Beloved again. They most likely will be ok with the James Well Beloved, but he did warn me that some cats have to stay on Hill's their whole life. The ingrediants in Hills and James Well Beloved are very similar, and as the diarrhea calmed down after I stopped the Whiskas moist food, I think James Well Beloved will be ok after they run out of Hill's. But we'll have to wait and see on that one.
The vet said the sinusitis probably will go away on it's own, but there is a chance that it may always be there. So to nip it in the bud now for the best chance of getting rid of it for good, he gave me some antibiotics to give them.
Luckily they are perfectly happy at the moment, they eat the Hill's just fine, although they don't really like the antibiotics, but luckily it isn't too much of a fuss to give it to them as it's liquid in a dropper.
Just thought I better let you all know as you were wondering! Not to mention it may help someone else in a similar situation.
Thanks for the help!

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