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I was clearing up my bookmarks when I saw some game sites that I thought you people might be interested in.
This is a nice cute cat game.
This brings back memories. This is the old old DOS game Alley Cat. You are an Alley cat and you try to sneak into people's house. And different houses have different things to do such as catching fish, mouse, etc all the while leaving your tiny paw prints on the floor. Does anyone remember playing this game?

This is not a cat game but something which I think is quite interesting. It is an online version of the Harvard negotiations course in game form (sort of). Basically the basis is that of Principled Negotiations. I once took that particular course so the game was not too hard but in any event it is FUN even if you are not too sure what Principled Negotiations entails.

You can try to do things from attempting to get a raise, mediate between two neighbors (one of the best you are suppose to interprut whenever you feel things have got out of hand) to trying to return an iron to customer service. There are a few free games on the main site and some other free games of the series you can get from this other site.
Angry Neighbors
Customer Service
The Raise.
The original website for these negotiations games.

Hope you folks enjoy and share any fun games.