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Update on Stormy/Diane

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Hi guys, Diane's computer went down and she asked me to post this to her thread about her sister's kids, which I did, but then I thought maybe you might not notice it there since the thread is a bit old. So here it is again, a message from Stormy/Diane:

My stupid comptuer's router is broke...so no computer for the last few days and right when I really needed it too

I'm using my brother's computer right now and mine might not get fixed until after Christmas.

After much stress the kids are finally back here! But my sister had to go through so much to get them back. She got a court order for her ex to return the kids and he still refused. He lives in a small town with only one cop and the cop refused to follow the court order and wouldn't let my sister either see my niece or even talk to her. My sister made a call to the court and then went to the police station and the cop told her that if she went near her ex husbands house that she would be arrested! So the court must have put a warrant out for him because after she retuned with just my nephew my niece called my house to see if her mom was here because she wanted to come home.

On the drive home my sister told me my niece said that her father took her to the police station eariler and made her tell them she didn't want to come home and some other lies about why she didn't want to come home

Today she's at the court again trying to get a new restraning order against him for her house and my house.
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Thank you for the update stefanie, Merry christmas to you!
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Merry Christmas Rigel!
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I hope all the best for her and i wish them a happy and safe xmas with a new year
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