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christmas at the hospital ideas needed! please..

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Okay so most probably my mother will be in hospital.
after talking it over today there she said she will go to rehab.
But i think she will be at this hospital for a bit longer..

I wanted to make my mum some things like as in food so she can enjoy on xmas... but then i thought why not they all get a hamper full of cookies and muffins??

Does anyone have any ideas or can give me recipes???

So far i am making rich bikkies and Spiced muffins..
I need to know asap because tomorrow is xmas eve and i need to get going hehe.
if you can give me any suggestions on any recipes i would be glad.
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Fwan, generally food isn't a good idea because most patients are on a special diet. I would instead go toward books and magazines, or even puzzles, something to occupy the time. I know when I was hospitilized for a long period of time, what saved me from boredom were the simple toys for kids. They are full of water, and there are hoops and balls you can make by pushing the buttons. Or rings you have to try and get over posts- stuff like that- even a deck of cards or a board game she can play with you and her other visitors
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Oh yeah i didnt think of that.. well today they all had coca cola and lots of bikkies so thats where i got my idea from. They didnt seem to be on a strick diet. I will see what they can do, because my mum is the only one that speaks english there and the rest german.
But thank you for the advice hissy
There are no children in there because its strictly for no child under 16 to be in there.
I saw on tv how to make a board game with healthy pepemint snack but it will take me too long to make.
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does she have a tree in her room or anything at the hospital? What about trying to make her a miniature with handmade ornaments that shows how much you care about her. then maybe you can wrap a few gifts to bring in with the tree (food if they allow it, games, something to remind your mom of home).

I hope that helps. I know you've had such a hard week with your family and you want your mom to have the best christmas possilble.
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How about a ballon or flowers???
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Hmm, I will bring her some flowers tomorrow, i hope they allow it though.

I will write her a card now, hoping the best for 2005.
I am buying her a few magazines and paper tomorrow so she can read with out being bored

I havent seen any balloons here, but i might find one at the hospital.

I just hope tomorrow she will be good and say Yes to go to rehab
*fingers crossed*
She thinks im harming her for going there but i think she is understanding that i want to keep my mother instead of her dying because of the bottle.
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good luck fawn! Let us know how it goes.
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Absolutely count with this... Fwan my prayers with you & Mommie
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