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Christmas Came Early....Thank You Christy (okeefecl)!

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When I came home from work yesterday a package was waiting for Nakita! Christy sent a Christmas gift.

What is this?! Doofus Dog - the little dog toy for your cat! Nakita just played with it when I took this pic so you can see some of her hair stuck on the dog's head.

Here's Nakita checking out the toy. Unfortunately I only have blurred pics since she grabbed it from my hand and took off throughout the house with it! I have a funny video of her wrestling with it, but I don't know how to post videos here at TCS.

Christy also sent a pillow where you can place your cat's picture in a pouch on the front of it. It's a 'Spoiled Cat Lives Here' pillow! Boy, she has that right!

Here are some close-up pics of the pillow details:

And here's a final pic of the cute card she sent as well!

Thanks Christy for the wonderful surprise!!! It was very thoughtful of you & Nakita absolutely loves it. I just have to get some better pics of her playing with it.

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What great presents for Nakita! Looks like she really likes that Doofus Dog.
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You actually got the toy back from her long enough to take a pic of it! Those are great pressies!
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Wow.. what great gifts....

i really love the pillow.. its too cute
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Hello Kass Thank you for share with us, you´re a lucky girl!!!!
Merry christmas to you and the lovely Nakita too!!!!
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Cute cat toy for a lovely cat- Merry Christmas Kass and Nakita~!
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Beautiful gifts, Merry Christmas to you and Nakita.
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Cute cat toys!
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Doofus Dog??? That's so funny. I would love to see the video if you ever get it on TCS
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adorable gifts for an adorable young kitty lady.... Happy holidays Kass and Nakita !!
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What wonderful surprises for you to send Nakita, Christy!
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Aw what lovely pressies for Nakita!
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hehe that looks so cute.
I wanted to take a video of my cat and post it on tcs buit i dont know how to either! mybe there is a website were we can post it
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