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I don't want to complain.....

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I don't want to complain but I just don't know how to deal with those Cat SOS titles.... I don't read a lot of post in the sos forum because I am worried I can't handle them but I can't avoid the titles. Like today, while searching -new posts- it said " something" even tho I didn't read the post I am sick to my stomach and I know I will have nightmares from this not to mention it ruined my whole day. I know you probably say I am over sensitive and it's true and I'm working on it but this was just to much. I just don't know what to do or how to avoid this kind of thing I wish I could block out the whole forum but them what if I can help someone trying to rehome a cat or something. Maybe it can be split up in where the -horror stories- go into one section and the people asking for help with rehomeing or transport or vet bills into another section? I hope I make sense at all

I edited out what it said..... I don't want someone to read it here and get sick because of me repeating it in my whining post
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You feel pretty much the same as I do. We do try and get the members to not put the shock titles in the subject line, and to post when there are graphic photos in the links. I've seen enough abuse on cats in real life to last a lifetime. I really don't like to be reminded of it. But SOS is where those types of stories go. We can only hope that the people posting the stories will use tact and consideration when trying to deal with such a horrendous subject-
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I feel the same way. I actually asked Ariana (pinkdaisy226) if she read it before I thought about clicking it. I don't want to read things like that. I know that people abuse animals but if I see things like that it ruins my day and I can't function because I just think and think and think.
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i cant read them either... i totally avoid all the SOS threads.. they just made me sad.. and it makes me want to just go cuddle up w/ my girls and tell them how much i love them!
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I have never had a SOS thread...but if i ever do i will make sure my titles are not offensive in anyway....I dont read it that often either, but the post that you are probably talking about caught my eye and made me sick...I ended up reading it because of the shocking title...and i very much fell under the whole "Curiosity killed the cat"....i probably will think twice before viewing a thread with such a graphic title.....I hope you feel better Rita....and dont worry..you should not apologize for you sensitivity...it shows that you are a caring and compasionate individual who can not bare the suffering of living things...i believe that intense sensitivity is a trait that many including myself admire
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It's kind of a catch-22. As hissy noted, it is the proper place for these types of threads to go, and many members have asked for a heads-up kind of title so that they can avoid opening the threads that they would prefer not to read.
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Rita, thank you for bringing up the subject. As the titles of the threads now appear on the main page, I think maybe it's time to add a guideline in the SOS forum. I think people should avoid graphic titles for threads. Maybe we should ask them to add something like [WARNING - GRAPHIC] in the title. That should be enough of a warning without detailing what's in the thread.
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