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Originally Posted by ccoccocats
You said you were humbled to be among us....well MA, we simply allow you to bring out who you are by asking for your help. Seems to me we're the ones who are truly humbled by your friendship, love, and wisdom (from which you received from your Mom). Love and care for you both
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I know we don't know each other and I have not been a member very long, but I wish you and Mike all the best for the holidays. You seem to be an amazing person with so much love in your heart to share, and I know that health and love are coming your way for x-mas.

Have a wonderful holiday...
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Happy Holidays, Hissy. You are a wonderful writer. I think you've touched more people here then you know. I believe you've done more for more people then you can imagine. I know that there are more people here that admire and respect you who kinda 'lurk' more then participate. I was almost thinking at the start of your post that you were leaving to spend more time with your family. But... I guess we all ARE a family. Stay safe.
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merry christmas to you and mike may Godbless you always and thank you for all you do for us here here at the catsite thanks for being are friends and i'm glad you can open up to us and share your feeling we love you hissy

take care
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It's less than 12 hours before Christmas here and I wish you an Mike the best of the season. It's great to hear that Mike is getting better.
Mary Anne, thank you for your help and advise in feline and non-feline matters! God bless you!
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All I can say, MA, is that you need to stop beating yourself up over your choices in this. Mike has been beyond stubborn about his health all along, despite your attempts to help him. I am glad that he is on the mend and hope that things continue to go well for both of you.
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Originally Posted by DragonLady
MA you have been an inspiration to a large number of us. You always continue where many of us may have fallen. Your compassion has just been mirrored back to you.

What a splendid thing to say. Had my mouth not been so full of Wheaties because that's all I've had time for tonight, I would've struggled to say something as eloquent and true as this, Mary Anne.

I do know that sometimes those who have the biggest gift of healing rarely use it on themselves.

Elizabeth, Eric, and Sasha
Coccocats: Sometimes I think God likes to give us a strong jolt to wake us up rather than make us sleep forever, if you know what I mean?
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I am not at all embarrassed to say this in public ... but, my dear friend, I do love you dearly. I don't know what I would do without you in my life. You have been there for me in times of both a positive nature and of negative - giving of yourself in ways you cannot know how much I appreciate ... So, I say again, I love you dearly and always will.

From the heart,

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What they all said, MA. I could try to put it in my own words, but I'm afraid the tears are in the way. What I will say is please be gentle with yourself -- hindsight is 20/20 vision. Spend your energy on healing, not beating yourself up.

A Blessed, love-filled Christmas to you. May 2005 deal you an easier hand. My prayers are with you both.
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Mary Anne, I think if we were all in the same room that you would perish from an extended bout of "hug exhaustion". I didn't realize you had any of your own problems that you thought would contribute to Mike's. We know this though: The way you care for Mike and any living thing that's around you will always overcome any stubbornness or obstacles in the way. You could inject the old cliche of "love conquers all", but it takes more than just that, and you've got that part covered too. We think you can get through anything on your own, but we're still here anyway. At least that's how I think we all see it here.
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I'm so pleased you can both see some light at the end now MA!.

Its at times such as this that you realise who your friends are, even though most of us havent met in person, but through this site we feel we know each other on a personal level.

I have shared my life with many here on the site and vice versa and that says a lot to me!.

If theres one thing we know we can all rely on here it's group support when we need it

Merry Christmas "EVERYONE"
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Glad to hear that things are better for you You and your family have a very wonderful Christmas
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Wishing you all the best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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MA I wanted to get this post going again. I've been concerned on how Mike is doing and how you're feeling and holding up? How was your Holiday and any other news you may want to share with us at this time.
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Hissy I'm not very good with words and a lot of people before me have said it so much better than I can so I just want to add a little something

When I first found and joined this site you were the first person to send me a message to say hi and welcome me here and I found that so touching I don't socalise very much and have very few friends so when I came in here and was welcomed so warmly by you it made me feel really good it may sound like a simple and silly thing to you but it ment the world to me you are a very special person and I am glad things are getting better for you and I just wonted you to know that you are both in my preys.

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Mary Anne - I don't know how I could have missed this thread. You a very dear friend, and I love YOU dearly as well! Hope things look up for in the near future!
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Thanks guys, it is getting better- we are going to an actual doctor next week- it took some doing, but he finally agreed with the decision

here's the thread
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