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Well I got the official confirmation today from the company where I have got a new job and have signed all the bumfff and sent it back recorded delivery. Spoke to the recruitment company and they advised me to put in my resignation to the current place and give the required time of four weeks. I am also off for this same period and means that I wont have to go back bar collect my personal effects which Carol will collect for me.
I sent in a nice letter apologising for the inconvenience and thanking them for 8 great years of employment which I have learnt masses. I wished my boss every success and hoped one day that I may reach her high standards. The letter was dropped in at 15.15 and so far no telephone call from her ladyship. Having spoken to a colleague who is a trusted friend, she has told me the best way of doing things and the way I have done it all is fine.
So far, shes not called, though I am hoping and praying she wont. I just want to be left alone to get well for the next few weeks. No doubt will get a call/letter from her, she can be sarcastic but I have given all for 8 years and I am exhausted. Strange - I dont feel elation or anything at all. Kinda nervy waiting if she calls - good vibes she dont.....
So its done, I have given my notice and am kinda numb.....kinda nervous with a complete change in direction and career soon to be and kinda excited as well.
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I'm proud of you buddy!
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Is it normal to be nervous when you have told the company you wish to leave and set a date? It was harrowing enough and as I have never done it before and this was new to me completely.
Oh well, think positive, no one breathing down my neck, no more saturdays- can you believe that??? me neither, no stats, no sales, no one telling me .. we NEED MORE SALES, no pressure, no fighting for a single day of holiday.... The list is growing by the minute....
They say you are supposed to feel elation when you leave, as if the weight of the world drops off your shoulders. Me, I am numb, nervous, excited and have a bad head building up - Carol says that its a headache of relief.......
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Im proud of you too!!
I wish you all the best with your new job! and with a great new year to start
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I think all you are feeling is totally normal, and you will steadily feel better over the next few weeks. Many of us know what it is like to be in a job you hate, always wondering where the next problem or sharp word will come from.

I am sure it will make a big difference to your health, first to have time to relax wth no deadlines and second to be in a job where you feel fulfilled and happy. Now have a great Christmas.
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Transitions are always difficult and it is common to feel nervous with such a big change occuring in your life. Just be happy you are out of that place!
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Well done Kev!! You're finally free of the place! I'm proud of you. You've put up with a helluva lot from this venture, perhaps a completely new direction is what you really need. I hope it all works out well for you.
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I am proud of u too!!

Best wishes w/ the new Job!
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for Kev!
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Kev, don't stress out. She may have taken a mini vacation and isn't even there! It's finally over and you can feel relaxed and calm. Good Job!
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Good for you Kev. The heck with her. WOO HOO for YOU!!! Best luck in your new job, now try to rest and relax.
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I'm so proud of you! That's great - and yes, you're normal for feeling a bit nervous... granted, everytime I've resigned, I've handed my letter in person and had to WATCH the person read it - not pleasant.

Get better and Happy Holidays!
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Well at 11.00 this morning my soon to be ex boss called me. We talked about my health and advised that I was aware this could take more months to go than I had hoped. Anyway, I have agreed to call in the wednesday of the new year and collect my photos of Carol and Chris as well as a couple of things I have in my locked drawer. I advised that at the moment any stress gets my head bad and starts the cramping that leads me to being incapacitated and we both acknowledged that the call centre environment was very very stressful. I have given 8 years when the normal person stays 18 months, so dont think I have done that bad. I have enjoyed the time I had. Have stated that I have a couple of irons in the fire job wise. Did not mention that I have a new job, just stated that there has always been something in teh background for years which there has and I am going to have some time resting and getting better, then decide.
The new company will go for a reference for sure, there is nothing that they can pull me for and if she says about it, will advise that it was something that I went for a long, long time ago and had forgotten about.
So, the worry is finally over, I leave on great terms, with the company as well as my boss (she even said "oh bless") when told about the pain severity and that I have increased the strength of my drugs. She understood completely and that was it. I will call in early Jan and say good bye to my friends of over 8 years and no doubt shed a tear or few. Its for the best and I am glad that my day has come.
Thats it for me. Onwards and upwards in the new year.
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Brilliant!! It's all over and done with before Christmas. Now you can put it all behind you, have a great Christmas with the family and, after the holiday, look forward to an exciting future.

Hubby's job ended a few weeks ago, it had been coming for some time, they told us the day we got back from holiday in the summer (great welcome home eh?) and he had the same feelings - he'd been there eight years too!. There was no BIG moment - just a kind of emptiness. We don't depend on it to keep a roof over our head so he's taking some time out, to enjoy Christmas and then think about his future in the New Year. You've got a great chance to clear your head too (no pun intended!!)

Have a great one Kev
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That's another tick in the box! Something less to worry about. You can now relax completely over Christmas and just have fun.
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Yes head hurts but I think its a bit of relief. At least I finish on good terms, as far as they are concerned I am thinking of the company etc. So, for the first time in ages I will feel good about going in the office a final time, just to say goodbye.
Think I will finally sleep the sleep of sleeps tonight, which is something I have not experienced in 8 years as its constant worry, worry, worry.
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Originally Posted by kev
Yes mums.
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I am so happy for you...congratulations, glad all went well.

Merry Christmas to you!
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I bet you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. (but I know its your head!!) Enjoy this holiday season with your family and enjoy the new year!!
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Congratulations, Kev! Now you can spend your energy on healing instead of worrying -- what a lovely change!

And I see by my trusty clock, that it's 20 minutes to Christmas -- have a great one, Kev!
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