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Wish me luck!

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About to take a shower and go brave the crowds. I have some last minute shopping to do, searching for a specific item that seems to be sold out everwhere!

(begin rant) I can't stand all these people that go 40 on the highway, oh, and most the people here do NOT know how to merge, at least in Roanoke. Gah if you can't drive the speed limit, stay at home so you don't irk me! (end rant)

Oh, and I hope I don't get lost, it is wet out there and I really don't want to get lost, seeing as I am so new here. I gotta pick up a special treat for Onyx because he has been taking his pills like a very good boy!

Time to get tortured!
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Yikes - well good luck, don't let the crowds get you down and stay safe driving!
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awww! have fun! and just push everyone through thats what i do
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Good Luck! I need to finish when I get out of work. Here's my rant: People who leave their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle. Beware, I will be moving them out of my way!

It's all good. Soon it will be Christmas morning and we'll be having a cup of hot coffee watching our kitties and our non-furry loved ones opening their gifts and playing with their toys.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate Christmas...and to all of you who celebrate other holidays, Happy Holidays...and to all of you who don't celebrate anything...Happy days anyhow!
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I wanted to go out today too Meagan, but my car is stuck in snow in the driveway........
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People are out shopping today, but not me! The roads here are not very nice...combination of freezing rain and a ton of snow. I'll be going tomorrow with my friend...hopefully the roads are better so we'll get to my parents for christmas without incident. Good luck on your shopping. Just out of curiosity, what is the "sold out" present you are looking for?
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Sending Good vibes!!!! Good luck Meagan!!!!!
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Here's to fast trip with the item in stock and a short line to check out.
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