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is it ok?

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is it healthy for my 2 older cats to be eating the kitten's food? and how can i stop them from doing this?
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Kitten food is richer in proteins & fats 'cause kittens (and lactating mothers) need much more enegry since they are growing. So, it's healthy, nothing dangerous about eating kitten food (unless your older cats have some health problems, food allergy, diarrhoea etc), but there is a possibility that your older cats can get fatter (if they aren't active enough).

I have the same problem. Minnosh is afraid of water sprays, so whenever I see her trying to eat the kittens' food, I show her the spray bottle (I don't have to spray, cause the bottle is enough to make her go away). As I did a few minutes ago She is now eating from her own half light + half regular food bowl

If you have the chance, you can put the kitten's bowl to some place where only she can reach maybe ??
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J - I have the same problem here - Noodles ate it for so long - she had to go on diet food! Now with the two little ones, the battle ensues again. I must admit that I do feed Goldie - (their feral mom)
kitten food now that it is colder. I feel she needs the extra fat!
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Get a plastic laundry basket. Cut a hole in the side that is big enough for the kittens but too small for the adult cat. Turn it upside down and put the food inside at the far corner away from the hole. You will have to put something heavy on top the keep the adults from over-turning it. This is guaranteed to work!
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Lotso...what a GREAT idea!
You are a genius!!!!

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